How Many Music Discs Are In Minecraft?

How Many Music Discs Are In Minecraft
All Music Disc in Minecraft There are 14 unique Music Discs in Minecraft, each of which has a distinct appearance from the others.

What are the 12 Minecraft discs?

How Many Music Discs Are In Minecraft There are presently 12 discs available for collection; however, they cannot be fashioned into anything at this time. The following are the names of all 12 discs: 13, blocks, chirp, far, mall, mellohi, stal, strad, ward,11, and wait. The only disc that cannot be found in Survival Mode is “11,” and it is a secret disc.

What’s the rarest music disc in Minecraft?

In light of the fact that twelve out of the thirteen music discs may be obtained through creeper drops, it would appear that the music disc known as “Pigstep” is the most difficult to get since it needs a small proportion of production in a structure that is seldom formed.

What is the new 1.18 music disc?

In the latest edition of Minecraft, version 1.18, a music disc item was added to the game that has a new song by Lena Raine. The energetic song known as “Otherside” is an excellent choice for a jukebox to play in the background as players complete their objectives.

  • Finding ‘Otherside’ in Minecraft may be challenging, as is the case with many of the game’s audio CDs.
  • This specific music track, like the majority of other music discs, may be found in chests that are hidden in difficult-to-find locations.
  • At this time, the only way for players to get the new audio disc while playing Survival Mode is through looting chests located in the hallways of strongholds or very infrequently within dungeons.

This does not provide players of Minecraft with a large number of possibilities when it comes to hunting for the disc; nonetheless, most gamers are aware that it is not a simple task to locate music discs. How Many Music Discs Are In Minecraft

Can creepers drop other side?

There are many different kinds of blocks and things in Minecraft. The music discs are, without a doubt, one of the most intriguing objects in the game. The game includes a total of thirteen different music discs for players to listen to at their leisure.

  1. The future update to Minecraft version 1.18 will include the addition of a new music disc referred to as “Otherside.” Installing the most recent snapshot or beta will allow players to hear “Otherside,” since it has already been included to those versions of the game.
  2. Creepers have the ability to drop one-of-a-kind artifacts known as music discs when they are killed.

However, in order for this to take place, a number of preconditions need to be satisfied.

Can creepers drop Pigstep?

The term “non-renewable resource” accurately describes pigstep. It can only be obtained through Bastion relics, and jukeboxes won’t give it back after they’ve played the song on them. It is also possible to find the other discs in structures; however, jukeboxes will return it to you, and Creepers will drop it after being slain by a Skeleton.

What is the shortest Minecraft disc?

How Many Music Discs Are In Minecraft Music discs in Minecraft – There are many different lengths of music discs (Image via Tier Maker) There are now 13 one-of-a-kind discs available in Minecraft for users to gather and use in jukeboxes. There is a wide spectrum of difficulty associated with acquiring them, since some of them are only available in the Nether, in chests, or as uncommon drops from creepers.

  • The Minecraft music disc with the title “pigstep” may only be obtained from chests in the Bastion Remnants in the Nether.
  • These chests have a 5.6% chance of containing the disc in each chest they contain.
  • Discs with names like “cat” and “13” can be discovered in the chests of Woodland Mansions and Dungeons, respectively.

The CDs have a variety of sounds and lengths; some of them have a tranquil or relaxed vibe, while others, including quite a number, have a sound that is more unnerving than anything else. They range in duration from one minute and eleven seconds for the disc marked “11” to about six minutes for the disc titled “blocks.” The shortest one is one minute and eleven seconds, while the longest one is almost six minutes. How Many Music Discs Are In Minecraft 13: A disc with a yellow and white ring in the middle that emits unnerving noises such as creeper explosions, cave music, water splashes, blowing winds, and bow firings. A circular object having a ring of a lime green color in the center. The sound is a synthesizer tune that repeats in a loop.

Blocks are represented by a disc that has a core that is terracotta or reddish in color and produces a rhythm that is catchy and energetic. Chirp is the name of a disc that has a darker red core and plays a song similar to that of vaporwave. Another disc with a lime green core, this one including yellow highlights, and a nature-inspired music that is soothing and unwinding to listen to.

Mall: an area with a dark purple core that goes well with the music that has an undersea-like calming effect. Mellohi: Another purple disc, this time more brilliant with alternating white and purple stripes at the middle, that has a little mournful, languid sound that is eerily similar to a waltz.

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This disc also has a sound that is referred to as “Mellohi.” Stal: This disc is completely black all the way through, and it plays a jazzy music on the piano and saxophone. This disc is all white, and it plays music that has a tropical vibe to it with an electronic beat. Strad. Ward: This disc, which is lime green on one side and forest green on the other, plays a combination of Chopin’s Funeral March but swings into an uplifting electronic melody with a sinister vibe behind it.11: This is another another disc that is entirely black, but this one seems to be cracked and shattered into several pieces.

It produces a sound that is really unnerving, and it sounds like someone is racing through a variety of various sorts of blocks, pausing to use some equipment, coughing, and then continuing to run after halting. This is without a doubt the CD that has the most terrifying atmosphere about it.

  1. Wait is a disc with a light blue center that plays an energetic rendition of the theme from Minecraft.
  2. Wait is known as “Wait.” Pigstep is the most up-to-date of all of the CDs in the collection.
  3. It is only attainable in the Nether through the use of Bastion Remnants and features a disc that is crimson and netherrack colored with a golden core in the middle.

It has a rhythm that is really powerful, yet the overtones are very calm.

Is the Otherside music disc rare?

The music disc known as Survival – Otherside is distinct from the game’s other discs since it can’t be acquired via normal gameplay as the others can. You have a very small chance of discovering this disc as extremely uncommon loot in dungeon chests or stronghold altar chests.

  • The official Minecraft Wiki states that a Stronghold Altar Chest has a chance of containing the music disc at a rate of one in every two and a half hundred.
  • There is a 3.1 percent chance that a dungeon chest may appear in a player’s dungeon.
  • If you are searching for the disc, it is recommended that you hunt for dungeons rather than strongholds because dungeons create far more frequently than the latter.

Related: Minecraft version 1.18, the Caves and Cliffs expansion pack, will include brand new music for the game’s soundtrack.

Is Otherside rarer than Pigstep?

How Many Music Discs Are In Minecraft A comprehensive guide to the forthcoming music disc from Otherside in Minecraft version 1.18 – The update 1.18, which will be the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update, will add a great deal of new content and adjustments to the game, the most notable of which are the new cave layouts.

  1. Nevertheless, the Otherside music disc is something that gamers are looking forward to with great anticipation.
  2. Many players have already tried out the new features introduced in Minecraft 1.18, and they are looking forward to the day when these additions, including the Otherside music disc, will be made available in the full game for everyone to enjoy.
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This music disc is currently only available in beta versions of the game. When it finally gets released, the music disc will have the distinction of being the game’s most difficult to obtain music disc. This distinction presently belongs to Pigstep, an item that may be unearthed from the chest of a bastion remnant with a 5.6% chance of spawning.

  1. Players who want to listen to the most recent Minecraft music disc may do so by checking out the tweet that follows: Otherside has a 3.1% chance of spawning in dungeons, which are the locations where monsters are spawned, and a 2.5% chance of being discovered in the altar chest in the Stronghold.
  2. The chances of coming across any of these constructions in Minecraft are quite slim, thus any player who does so will consider themselves extremely fortunate.

There is a very remote possibility that altar boxes will include the Otherside music disc (Image via Minecraft) Otherside and the rest of the 1.18 update do not yet have an official release date, but Minecraft has hinted that it may be coming very soon.

How rare is a Pigstep disc?

How Many Music Discs Are In Minecraft How Many Music Discs Are In Minecraft The music in Minecraft is one of the many things that users appreciate the game for, and inside the game itself, players may locate a record of the game’s rarest track, which is called Pigstep. Players have the opportunity to amass records representing the game’s many soundtracks in Minecraft.

The only option for players to get them in survival mode is for a skeleton to kill a creeper, thus players will need to come up with an innovative strategy to get their hands on them. This is the major technique that can be used to collect 12 of the 13 music discs that can be found in the game, however the last disc is far harder to obtain than the other discs combined.

Pigstep is the sole music disc that was not written by C418; instead, the composer for Celeste, Lena Raine, was responsible for its creation. Players that are interested in obtaining this item will have to look very hard for it. For the benefit of those who may have been unaware, the significant Nether update for Minecraft was released in the year 2020.

  • This resulted in the formerly monotonous terrain of the Nether being teeming with weird new types of life, as well as new regions, biomes, and other features.
  • This update also included the incorporation of the Pigstep music CD into the game.
  • It is not possible to get Pigstep simply seeing a Skeleton kill a creeper; rather, it can only be taken from chests that have been opened.

Having said that, unlike other music discs may be discovered in the chests of a variety of other structures, the Pigstep music disc can only be found in the chests of the Bastion Remnant. The massive structures in the Nether that Piglins call home are properly protected due to the fact that they are home to them.

Piglin Brutes are aggressive variations of the Piglin foe that can be found inside of the Bastion Remnant. These Piglin Brutes will assault the player as soon as they see them. Even if the player is clad in gold armor, the Piglins in certain regions will still attempt to attack them. This can make it far more challenging to move through these areas.

In addition to this, hitting a Piglin Brute will prompt the ordinary Piglins that are close by to turn hostile to the player as well, and things have a tendency to get out of hand very fast in Bastion Remnants. On the most difficult difficulty setting, their melee attacks deliver 19 damage to unarmored players, which is the most damage of any enemy in the game.

  • If players wish to explore Bastion Remnants and uncover chests that contain the Pigstep music disc, they will need to contend with the adversaries that are found there.
  • There is only a 5.6% chance of discovering a Pigstep music CDs in one of these chests, which means that gamers will need to explore an average of 17 to 18 chests in order to obtain it.
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Players have a good chance of not finding a Pigstep music disc in the initial Bastion Remnant that they seek; therefore, they will need to continue to investigate the Nether in order to locate more of these discs. It is recommended that you stock up on potions of Fire Resistance, put on some excellent armor (preferably made of diamond or Netherite), and ensure that you are wearing at least one piece of gold armor at all times.

Where can I find the Otherside music CD?

Otherside is a unique music disc inside Survival due to the fact that it cannot be acquired in the same manner as the game’s other music discs. You have a very small chance of discovering this disc as extremely uncommon loot in dungeon chests or stronghold altar chests.

How do you get disc 13?

Using images and detailed, step-by-step directions, this Minecraft guide walks you through the process of crafting a music disc (C418-13). A music disc (C418-13), sometimes known as a CD, is a type of object in Minecraft that cannot be crafted using a crafting table or a furnace.

What are the 13 discs in Minecraft?

Initially, there were just two music discs that could be purchased, but now there are a total of thirteen distinct discs that can be obtained: cat, blocks, chirp, far, mall, mellohi, stal, strad, ward, wail, 11, pigstep, and 13.

What is the scariest disc in Minecraft?

The music disc numbered one eleven eleven is considered to be one of the most terrifying in Minecraft. It starts out with the sounds of someone breaking blocks behind someone else who is sprinting, and there is heavy breathing in the background. Following a brief period of stillness, the sound of coughing can be heard in the background along with a quickening and loudening of the footfall.

The scene seen in eleven displays a player working in the cave while being pursued by a hostile creature. In addition, this disc features a one-of-a-kind damaged texture that gamers will not find on any other disc. Please note that the opinions expressed here are solely those of the author. Check out SK for comprehensive tutorials, walkthroughs, hints, and other information.

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What is the most common music disc in Minecraft?

#2 – Cat – Cat disc (Image via Minecraft) The Cat disc is one of the most sought after items in the game of Minecraft. This record features a “light, repetitive melody that plays off a gentle synth,” as the description puts it. The drum track is going to be mixed in the future with a synth percussion rhythm. This composition would be an excellent option for music to play in the background. How Many Music Discs Are In Minecraft