How To Add Background Music In Imovie?

How To Add Background Music In Imovie
An iMovie project on an iPhone or iPad can have a soundtrack added to it.

  1. Tap the Add Media button when the timeline for your project is active on the screen.
  2. To browse the built-in soundtracks, hit the Audio button, then tap the Soundtracks button.
  3. To hear a preview of a soundtrack, tap on it.
  4. Tap the Add Audio button that is located next to a soundtrack in order to include it into your project.

How to add music to a video in iMovie?

Add songs from your music library – The Music app on your device allows you to add songs from your music library that you’ve downloaded to the app as well as songs and other audio files that have been synced to your device using the Music app on your Mac. You can add songs from your music library that you’ve synced to your device using the Music app on your Mac. Tap the Add Media button while the timeline for your project is currently visible in iMovie. To explore tracks, select “Audio,” then “My Music,” and finally select a category. To hear a preview of a song, tap on it. If a song is muted, you may download it to your smartphone by finding the music in the Music app, then tapping the Download button that is associated with the song. You have the same amount of control over the duration of the music as you have over any other clip. In addition, you are able to incorporate more than one music into a project. If you want to modify the tone of the music during the course of your movie, for instance, you may abbreviate the first song in the timeline, then insert a different song after the first song in the timeline.

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How to change background music in iMovie?

How to Add Background Music to Your iMovie Project (Part 1) – The use of effective background music may significantly contribute to the vividness and emotional impact of a video. To accomplish this objective, iMovie is an excellent choice to consider.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to add background music to an iMovie project may be found below. First off, launch the browser for “Music and Sound Effects.” Launch your iMovie project, go to the “Window” menu, and then select “Music and Sound Effects.” Alternatively, you may click the “Music and Sound Effects” button located in the iMovie toolbar to open the Music and Sound Effect browser.

The second step is to search iMovie for the desired background music. You may discover the music that you want to add to your project by browsing through the following four folders: iMovie Sound Effects, iLife Sound Effects, GarageBand, and iTunes. Browse through these directories to find the music that you want to add to your project.

You also have the option to utilize the Search area to look for the desired audio file by its name. Step 3 Insert ambient music into your iMovie project. It’s time to add audio to films in iMovie now that you’ve located the track that will serve as the background sound for your project. After selecting the sound you want, just hold down the mouse button and drag it into the project window, taking care not to drag it on top of other clips.

You can let go of the button on your mouse as soon as you see the plus sign (+) in the green box. The music starts playing at the very beginning of your project and stops playing after the video. A music indication will display above the final element in the Project browser if the length of the new song is longer than the length of the video.

  • You may add extra music to your project by dragging it into the background music well.
  • This is useful in the event that the music does not play throughout the full film.
  • When you combine two clips in iMovie, the program will automatically insert a cross-fade that lasts for one second.
  • Adjust the ambient music as the fourth step.
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You now have the ability to alter and adjust the background music in iMovie. For example, the music may start somewhere in the middle of the song, or it could begin at a different point entirely. To adjust the iMovie background music for your project, choose the clip you want to use as the background music, click the tool, then select “Clip Trimmer,” “Clip Adjustments,” and “Audio Adjustments.” You have the ability to cut the song to the desired length, change the level, and apply other audio effects such as fade in and fade out.

How do I add background music to my movie?

You may add jingles or other audio clips to the music well, which is denoted on the timeline by an icon that looks like a musical note. This will give your video some background music. The video clips in the timeline have no effect on the audio that is stored in the music well.

How do I use sound effects in iMovie for Mac?

You are allowed to utilize any of the music and sound clips that are included in the iMovie for Mac collection in your project. iMovie for Mac comes with its own library of music and sound clips. iMovie’s library of sound effects includes things like rain and footsteps, and it also includes ambiances and jingles, which are both essential audio clips.

  1. When you have your project open, go to the menu at the top of the browser and select Audio.
  2. Once there, select Sound Effects from the sidebar on the left.
  3. It’s possible that you’ll need to click the Media Browser button in order for the Media Browser to appear.
  4. Move the pointer over a selection in the list, then click the play button that is located next to the sound clip in order to hear a preview of the jingle or sound clip.
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You may also choose a song or sound clip, click in the waveform at the top of the media browser, and then hit the Spacebar to preview it. Other options include: Once you’ve located the music or audio clip that you want to use, drag it from the media browser to the timeline: