How To Get Music Cards Colorful Stage?

How To Get Music Cards Colorful Stage
It is possible to get music cards by completing tasks or by reading stories. What exactly is meant by the term “Another Vocal/Cover”? An alternative rendition of a song is referred to as an Another Vocal, and the only way to get it is to use Character Vocal Cards to make a purchase at the Another Vocal Shop.

How do you get cards on project Sekai?

Cards are an important component of the Project SEKAI initiative. A party consists of five different cards, and it is this party that is utilized in the rhythm game parts of the game. Reading the primary story contained within each unit is the only way to acquire all of the 1 cards.

  1. To proceed, press the button that is labeled with a “.” (this button has a person with headphones icon)
  2. To proceed, press the button that is labeled with a “.” (this button is located at the bottom right)

In the Waiting Room, duplicate cards have the potential to be transformed into fragments of feelings and pure crystals of feelings, respectively.

Does Project Sekai have pity?

Pity: In permanent gachas, also known as gachas that make use of the green seal to spark, there is a mechanism known as “pity” that, once a specific number of points have been accumulated, guarantees the player a 4-point card. Any card with a value of 4 points that is obtainable through the gacha may be guaranteed for 50 points.

  1. At the cost of 100 points, the player is assured to receive one of the rate-up cards associated with that gacha.
  2. Grab the banner and pull it to get points.
  3. Players will earn one point toward their pity meter for each and every pull in which they solely use bought crystals.
  4. Players will only receive half a point toward their sympathy meter for every other pull they complete.

Because of this, every pull that utilizes both free and bought crystals will only contribute 0.5 points toward the pity meter rather than the full 1 point that it would have otherwise contributed. When determining points for 10-pulls, you should count each individual pull inside the 10-draw as its own separate pull.

How do you get cover songs on project Sekai?

Another Vocal Shop will be available in Project Sekai when it launches. You may obtain tickets that can be traded in for song covers sung by a character when that character’s rating is raised to a higher level!

Will limited cards rerun project Sekai?

A: At this time, we do not have any plans to repeat any of the events; however, we do have plans to bring back the event cards (as previously mentioned in one of their update notes). In the future, they want to also make an effort to recruit back limited-time members.

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What is Kizuna rank project Sekai?

The Kizuna Rank system measures the closeness of the relationships between two characters. Characters in the “leader” role get experience toward their Kizuna Rank along with the rest of the party whenever they play a life. Players will be able to acquire new titles, pieces of feelings, crystals, and enormous live bonus drinks as they progress through the Kizuna Ranks system.

What do wish drops do project Sekai?

In the not too distant future, a unique item known as “Wish Drop” will become accessible! You have the ability to boost the maximum level of an Area Item by using this item! You’ll be able to obtain Wish Drops by trading in Event Fragments in the future! In addition to this, the maximum level of Area Items will be increased from Lv.

What does Clear Cache do project Sekai?

The ‘Clear Cache’ button may be used to delete data from game files such as voicelines, storylines, and 3DMVs, as well as reset all of the game’s settings to their factory defaults.

Does Project Sekai need WiFi?

BEFORE I SAY ANYTHING. In order to accomplish this, you only need to have the Project Sekai app open, and then you will be good to go even if your WiFi connection drops out. Simply refrain from closing the application, as doing so will cause it to restart with the loading screen still visible.

Even if you turn off the screen, the application won’t really quit working because it can’t do that. You can play it without WiFi, but your options will be severely restricted. Well, I can attest to that. You CAN: Make teams Listen in on the talks of the locals, even though it won’t get you any jewels.

Play about in the costume shop (you can’t buy anything, but you can see how your characters might look in other clothing), but you can’t buy anything. Experiment using the actual costumes you already possess (Again, only able to look at how characters look in that outfit) You CAN’T: Participate in shows, including cooperative shows (However you can listen to the song previews in the song select) Do anything that requires things to be loaded (like shows), or anything that requires data to be downloaded (like watching the stories) Buy anything.

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How do you get wish Jewel project Sekai?

You may get them by making trades with other Green Room members to acquire them. You should be aware that any characters you sell away will be gone for good. Simply navigate to Characters Green Room in order to enter the Green Room.

How do you become a superstar in project Sekai?

How can you acquire the MVP or Superstar titles during Multi Live? / Why are they even there? – If you have the highest score in the room, you will get the Most Valuable Player award. To get the title of Superstar, your score must be much higher than that of everyone else (20-30%?).

The game’s Most Valuable Player or Superstar award is given to the player who finishes with the most points. Only the Most Valuable Player title, not the Superstar honor, will be given out to teams with four players or fewer. If you had the highest score but were unaware of it, it will still contribute toward the title even if you didn’t see it, but it won’t show up on your profile.

There is a known issue with this.

What is the shortest Pjsekai song?

Hitorinbo Envy (独りんぼエンヴィー) is a song by koyori featuring Hatsune Miku. The 25-ji, Nightcord de, acts as a covering for it. Hitorinbo Envy clocks in at a minute and fourteen seconds, making it the quickest song in the game.

How do you unlock new songs on Project SEKAI?

Purchasing New Songs – In the Music Shop, you will find the ability to buy new songs that will unlock new tunes for you to play in Live Shows. Utilize Music Cards, which may be obtained either reading the Main Story or by performing Missions, in order to unlock songs.

Will Project SEKAI add more songs?

Sega has revealed that a cooperation with Cup Noodle would be incorporated into Project Sekai Colorful Stage! featuring Hatsune Miku. The partnership between Project Sekai and Cup Noodle will commence on January 10, 2021, and will result in the addition of five new songs to the game in total.

Each of the tracks will draw its inspiration from a different flavor of Cup Noodle. The songs that were written for the collaboration are going to be uploaded on YouTube in addition to being included in the mobile game. For the cooperation between Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage and Cup Noodle, a dedicated website has been made available online.

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In addition, in order to commemorate the news of the cooperation, the artist DECO*27 has introduced a brand new song. The song’s name is ” Salamander,” and it is the first of numerous songs that will be played. More songs are going to be played. You are welcome to give “Salamander” a listen down below.

The following is a complete list of musicians that will contribute to the release of music for the collaboration: Kanaria Whale Don’t Sleep DECO*27 Pinocchio-P Mitchie M The following track by Kanaria, titled “Identity,” is scheduled to be uploaded on YouTube on January 9, 2022. On January 20, 2022, the track will be added to the compilation album Project Sekai Colorful Stage! featuring Hatsune Miku.

In addition, a one-of-a-kind login promotion will be running up to the 7th of February in 2022. It is not known at this time whether or not these songs will be included in the English version of the game, which is also referred to as Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage.

How do you earn crystals on project Sekai?

Japanese クリスタル
Romaji Kurisutaru
English Crystal
Item Description
A currency used for the gacha
view talk

In Project Sekai, crystals are one of the two primary currencies that may be exchanged for other goods and services. You may earn it by advancing in rank, fulfilling tasks and lives, reading area chats, and listening in on conversations. One gacha pull costs 300 crystals, while performing 10 pulls at once requires 3000 crystals.

For specific gachas, there is a different system that is referred to as “purchased crystals” that players can employ. When a user makes an in-app purchase for crystals using real money, the acquired cash will be kept in a different category from the crystals that may be gained for free. The first focus will be on free crystals.

There are certain gacha pulls that can only be completed by paying crystals. You can also choose to spend 100 bought crystals for a gacha pull rather than the more typical amount of 300 free crystals. This option is available.

Where is the stamp shop in project Sekai?

The Stamp Shop () is a location in which players have the opportunity to purchase stamps. In the actual world, it may be found inside of the Shopping Mall.

How do you get event tokens in project Sekai?

Your performance in Solo Shows, Co-op Shows, and Challenge Shows that are played during events will determine how many Event Tokens you win.