How To Get Otherside Music Disc?

How To Get Otherside Music Disc
How To Get Otherside Music Disc 1. Where can one purchase a copy of the Otherside music disc? – The fact that both of Lena Raine’s music tracks can only be obtained from chests and cannot be farmed is a peculiar design choice to say the least. The Otherside music disc has a 3.1% chance of spawning in dungeon chests and a 2.5% chance of spawning in stronghold altar chests.

Players can discover the disc in any of these locations. If you are a broadcaster or content maker, finding this very uncommon item would be a fantastic chance to show off your skills. The Otherside music disc is a new feature that was introduced in Minecraft version 1.18. The album known as Otherside begins with an upbeat and joyful, but repetitious and reminiscent of the past composition.

When the song reaches its second half, though, it begins to have a darker and more melancholy tone, and it finally comes to an abrupt end. At the very end, you can faintly make out the ticking of a clock.

Where can you find the music disc Otherside in Minecraft?

1. Investigate the Whereabouts of a Castle or Dungeon – To begin, let’s investigate the location of this music disc. An otherside music CD may be discovered in Minecraft by opening chests that are located in either a fortress or a dungeon. Take a look at this image to get an idea of what a stronghold seems like in Spectator mode when Night Vision is enabled:

How rare is the Otherside music disc?

How To Get Otherside Music Disc A comprehensive guide to the forthcoming music disc from Otherside in Minecraft version 1.18 – The update 1.18, which will be the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update, will add a great deal of new content and adjustments to the game, the most notable of which are the new cave layouts.

  • Nevertheless, the Otherside music disc is something that gamers are looking forward to with great anticipation.
  • Many players have already tried out the new features introduced in Minecraft 1.18, and they are looking forward to the day when these additions, including the Otherside music disc, will be made available in the full game for everyone to enjoy.

This music disc is currently only available in beta versions of the game. When it finally gets released, the music disc will have the distinction of being the game’s most difficult to obtain music disc. This distinction presently belongs to Pigstep, an item that may be unearthed from the chest of a bastion remnant with a 5.6% chance of spawning.

Players who want to listen to the most recent Minecraft music disc may do so by checking out the tweet that follows: Otherside has a 3.1% chance of spawning in dungeons, which are the locations where monsters are spawned, and a 2.5% chance of being discovered in the altar chest in the Stronghold. The chances of coming across any of these constructions in Minecraft are quite slim, thus any player who does so will consider themselves extremely fortunate.

There is a very remote possibility that altar boxes will include the Otherside music disc (Image via Minecraft) Otherside and the rest of the 1.18 update do not yet have an official release date, but Minecraft has hinted that it may be coming very soon.

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What is the rarest disc in Minecraft?

Picture credit can be given to the Official Minecraft Wiki. When placed in a Jukebox, Music Discs will play music, making for a more entertaining Minecraft experience. However, Music Discs are quite difficult to come across. There are a total of 13 distinct discs, some of which may only be obtained via opening chests, while the others are left behind after a Creeper is felled by an arrow shot from a Skeleton or a Stray, which is a variety of a Skeleton.

The Pigstep Music Disc is the only one that cannot be dropped, and it is also the rarest Music Disc. There is only a 5.6% chance of finding it in a Bastion Remnant chest in Java Edition, while there is only a 3% chance of finding it in Bedrock Edition. Both the Dungeon and Woodland Mansion chests in the Dungeon version and Woodland Mansion chests in the Woodland version of Minecraft have a chance of producing The Cat and 13 Music Disc.

There is an 18.9% possibility that Mellohi and Wait will be buried in Bedrock and found in a treasure box there.

Can creepers drop Stal?

Platforms that are supported: A music disc with the name “C418 – stal” may be found in the following versions of Minecraft:

Platform Supported (Version*)
Java Edition (PC/Mac) Yes
Pocket Edition (PE) Yes ( 1.2 )
Xbox 360 Yes
Xbox One Yes
PS3 Yes
PS4 Yes
Wii U Yes
Nintendo Switch Yes
Windows 10 Edition Yes ( 1.2 )
Education Edition Yes ( 1.0.21 )

The version in which it was included or excluded, depending on the context. Bedrock Edition is the new name for Pocket Edition (PE), Xbox One Edition, PlayStation 4 Edition, Nintendo Switch Edition, and Windows 10 Edition. For the sake of version history, we will continue to display them separately.

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Can you find Otherside in Minecraft?

How To Get Otherside Music Disc When searching for Otherside in a stronghold, your best bet is to look in the hallways. Hallways in strongholds provide the highest possibility of discovering the Otherside disc. (Image from Mojang) Discovering strongholds in Minecraft is a strategy that has been tried and tested over the course of the game.

  • This is due to the fact that these constructions house portals to the End, which are essential components to vanquishing the Ender Dragon and “winning” the tale.
  • In light of this, the technique that enables players to locate the End portal can also enable them to locate a stronghold in general.
  • Since Otherside is most likely to be found in chests located in stronghold corridors, there is where players should concentrate their search efforts.

Players are able to determine the position of a nearby stronghold by making use of Ender Pearls. Once the players have been directed to the site of one of the constructions, they will need to just explore the numerous corridors and nooks within the complex until they discover long passages that each contain at least one chest.

It is not certain that the ‘Otherside’ disc will be within the chest, but looking for it in the chests located in the hallways of the stronghold offers the highest odds of doing so. This is especially true when compared to the odds of finding the disc in dungeon chests, which are significantly lower.

There is no need for players to give up hope if they are unable to locate the disc in their initial stronghold. The more the distance the player travels from the center of their universe (X=0, Z=0), the greater the likelihood that they will come across strongholds.

These constructions are formed in rings that radiate outward from the center of the planet and spawn at random coordinates in the majority of the world’s biomes. There are around 128 strongholds accessible on a typical map for Minecraft: Java Edition. This is due to the fact that each world has eight rings in total.

Therefore, in the event that players are unable to locate the disc in their first stronghold, all that is required of them at that point is to go further out from the center of their globe while continuing to make use of their Ender Pearls. Players should eventually find a stronghold that has the disc stored in a chest in the corridor of the building. How To Get Otherside Music Disc

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Why do creepers drop music discs?

How To Get Otherside Music Disc Obtaining music discs in Minecraft Players are unable to obtain a music disc from a creeper by simply killing it with a weapon. This is one of the game’s most frustrating mechanics. When a creeper is killed by a skeleton or a stray, it will only drop a music disc.

  1. Creepers cannot drop music discs on their own.
  2. For the benefit of those who are unaware, strays are a type of skeleton that may be found in the more frigid areas of Minecraft.
  3. Even if a skeleton with an enchanted bow causes a TNT block to explode after killing a creeper with an enchanted bow, the creeper will still drop a music disc.

However, the likelihood of this occurring is extremely remote.

Is Minecraft Pigstep copyrighted?

When played, the Pigstep CD automatically posts copyright claims on YouTube and streams videos or streams. This is information that is presumably common knowledge. It is really insulting to the content community to let these firms to use a platform as powerful as Minecraft.

How rare is the new music disc in Minecraft?

How To Get Otherside Music Disc How to get a hold of it – The manner in which one obtains 5 as opposed to any of the game’s other music discs is the most notable distinction between the two. The fifth music disc must be produced, but the previous four must either be discovered as random treasure within the chests of the game’s randomly generated buildings, such as dungeons, bastions, or desert temples, or be dropped by a creeper after it is killed by an arrow thrown by a skeleton.

And the only way to get it is through the process of crafting, which requires nine pieces of music discs that can be discovered scattered around as loot in the game’s new ancient city biomes. Approximately thirty percent of the time, these bits will be discovered in ancient city chests in sets of one to three.

Because these chests are not very frequent, the fragments that they contain are likewise not very common. When a player has collected all nine fragments, they may set them on a crafting table to create a new music disc. This disc will have the number 5 on it.

What are the chances of a creeper dropping a music disc?

(If it makes a difference, I’m using the unmodified Windows 10 Edition.) In the Java edition, it must be at least 100%. You have used the tag that corresponds to the Java edition. This is actually a very good point to bring up.