How To Make A Music Video With Your Phone?

How To Make A Music Video With Your Phone
Tutorial on the production of music videos

  1. Begin Using Canva. Launch Canva and in the search bar type ‘Video’ to get started on creating your very own music video.
  2. Pick out a model to use. If you want to use a design that is already produced, have a look at our selection of video templates.
  3. Upload your song as well as any other files you have. You will need to upload your music track as well as any other media assets that you will be using in your music video, such as film and photographs.
  4. The song video needs some editing.
  5. Download and spread the word.

Can you shoot a music video with your phone?

You undoubtedly have a few questions for yourself if you are an aspiring musician who is interested in creating a music video for your band or song. “What style of music video do you recommend I make? What are the steps involved in making and editing a music video? What kinds of instruments do I require?” We are standing by to lend a hand.

  1. You have the ability to create three primary categories of videos: lyric videos, performance videos, and concept videos.
  2. A solid concept and a good video editing program are the only things in addition to a smartphone that are required to create a music video.
  3. PowerDirector, available for Apple and Android devices, is the video editing tool that offers the widest range of features.

Because of its extensive feature set, it is ideally suited for the creation of any form of music video. Download PowerDirector if you intend to create a music video with any degree of seriousness. Then continue reading to get all of the information you want concerning the production of eye-catching lyric videos, live performance videos, or idea videos that can be shared with your audience.

  1. Make a Music Video Featuring the Lyrics.
  2. Make a Music Video Capturing a Live Performance
  3. Create a Concept Music Video
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Create Your Very Own Video for a Song!

How long can a phone record video?

The length of time that a video may be recorded on an Android phone varies from device to device, hence the answer to this topic is not universal. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy, for instance, can only record a maximum of ten minutes’ worth of video at a time.

Is there a music video app?

5. Snaptube – Snaptube is another program that may be used to download music videos. It is supported by over fifty websites, including Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, TikTok, and a lot of other popular sites. As a result, you may find and view free music videos on the website of your choice, in addition to downloading free videos from that website.

What makes a good music video?

A music video should serve to complement the song it goes along with and should ideally convey some sort of meaningful message to the viewer. The idea needs to make sense not only to you as the filmmaker but also to the people who are going to be watching your movie. They need to comprehend what it is that you were going for and experience the feelings that you were going for.