How To Make Music Last Longer On Instagram Stories?

How To Make Music Last Longer On Instagram Stories
Part 2: Extend the Length of the Song Used in Your Video for Your Instagram Story by Recording – Now, if you are frustrated by the limit of 15 seconds of music that Instagram imposes, then you should try using this approach. Make a recording of your video using the manner described above.

Then, if you want to know how to make the music play for a longer period of time on the Instagram story, use our following trick: 1. During the first 15 seconds of the video, select the music you want to listen to by tapping on the sticker button labeled “Music choice.” 2. After that, place the first fifteen seconds of the music at the beginning of the video.

After that, navigate to the following segment of the video and add the song to this segment as well.3. To ensure a seamless transition from one portion of the song to the next, alter the song in the second part so that it continues to be played from the point where it was left off in the first section.4.

  1. If you do this, when you upload the tales and play them back, the song will keep playing all the way through till the finish of the movie.
  2. Additional Suggestion: The Best Way to Produce a Video for Your Instagram Story Both of the strategies that have been discussed up to now have certain drawbacks and difficulties.

The method is a little complicated, particularly when one is in a hurry and wants to get the operation done as fast as possible. You should choose software such as FlexClip for this reason since it will make the process of creating high-quality Instagram Stories much easier for you.

The following are a few of the benefits that come along with utilizing FlexClip to create better Instagram stories: The web-based user interface is accessible from any device. High-powered editing tools that may be tailored to your preferences. A Brief Guide to Creating Videos on the Internet using FlexClip The Crux of the Matter Avoid the hassle of creating Instagram stories straight from within the app by using a third-party tool instead.

Try instead using FlexClip, which offers a wide variety of pre-made designs and free music that you may use to make your story livelier and more entertaining. Our five-star recommendation for this online video and photo editor reflects how much easier it has made the process of creating material for us.

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How do you extend the music on Instagram?

Step 3 allows you to select the time length of the clip as well as the portion of the song that you want to include in your narrative. – Sean Wolfe / Business Insider You may change which section of the music is being played by dragging the bar at the bottom of the screen. You may also select the length of the footage by swiping your finger over the time at the bottom of the screen.

How do you put long songs on Instagram reels?

How To Make Instagram Story Music Longer

The step-by-step guide to including music in your Instagram Reels – It’s easy to add music to your Instagram Reels, and doing so confers a number of important benefits. To get started, please proceed with the following steps: Launch the Instagram app on your device, then press the “+” symbol located in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • To access the reels, select that option.
  • You may pick a song to utilize for your content by clicking on the audio icon that is located on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Alternately, creators can start by recording a Reel and then proceed to add audio using the music tab thereafter.
  • You may search through the available audio files to locate the perfect tune for your reel.

You may find specific music by using the search box, or you can discover new audio by clicking on the “See More” button. By hitting the play icon that is located next to the title of each music, it is possible to listen to a preview of the song before utilizing it.

  • After you’ve selected a music, the next step is to determine the portion of the song you want to use specifically.
  • You will be able to select a portion of the track using a slider that will appear at the bottom of the window.
  • The sections of the track that are most frequently used in Reels are indicated by pink dots on the slider.
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Songs may be removed from Reels by selecting the trash can symbol located in the upper left corner of the screen. This can be done in the event that you make the decision to employ a different track.