How To Play Music In Maplestory 2?

How To Play Music In Maplestory 2
The fact that we are able to play instruments and create our own music in MapleStory 2 is something that I feel to be a highly entertaining facet of the game. On the other hand, not all of us are talented enough in music to be able to compose our very own musical masterpiece (it is also not easy to do so in MS2, having to key in each key on its own to form an entire song). Because some of us merely want to perform our favorite songs through the instruments in the game, I have chosen to make a guide/tutorial on how to do so in order to accommodate those of us who have this desire. To begin, you will need to complete the first challenge in the game, which is to unlock the piano as your first instrument. You will be prompted to access the piano instruction at some point after reaching Level 10 or above (I can’t remember which). This message will appear across your screen. If you were successful in completing the instruction, you would be rewarded with a piano and a number of blank musical sheets to use for your own compositions. Double-clicking the left mouse button on a blank music sheet will bring up the composition window, which you may use to begin writing music. To choose the instrument for which you will compose, pick the panel labeled “Instrument” with the mouse. After that, you may search for the music that you wish to perform on websites such as, and after registering, you can download your score in the MIDI format to use on your instrument. After that, go to and save the MIDI to MML converter to your computer. After you’ve extracted the contents from the ZIP folder, launch the 3MLE.exe program. The next step is to import a standard MIDI file by selecting File > Import Standard MIDI File and then selecting the MIDI file that you acquired from musescore or any other website. After importing, you will have the option to select Export MML to Clipboard from the drop-down menu; however, I consistently run into issues when I do this, which prevents me from exporting MML. You also have the option to select all of the MML text on the bottom right, copy it, and then press Control + V to paste it into the composition box in Maple Story 2. You may try out the melody by clicking the play button, and after you’re satisfied with it, you can build your musical score! You may play your musical score by simply right-clicking your piano, dragging the score into the box, and then left-clicking the piano again. This will start the song.

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What is this MapleStory 2 guide for?

This guide includes the most recent builds and information on each and every MapleStory 2 class! The whereabouts of the hidden golden treasure chests! A comprehensive guide that explains in great detail the whereabouts of each golden treasure box, along with images and videos of each location! Beginner’s Full Guide! (Meso Farming, Classes, and Many Other Features!) (Half of It Is Obsolete) Everyone should read through this guide!

Who composed the music for Heroes of MapleStory?

In the beginning, it was thought that CODASOUND had composed the score, however from then on until 2007, Studio EIM (Youtube) was the one responsible for the music. Beginning with Heroes of Maple, and continuing to the present day, ASTERIA, the composing and mixing section of NECORD, is responsible for the music composition.

How to switch between English and Korean in Maplestory 2?

Are you a fan of the first MapleStory game and interested in playing MapleStory 2, but you don’t want to wait for it to be released in the West? So, in order to assist you in doing exactly that, here is a quick instruction. The procedure is really straightforward, and a virtual private network (VPN) is not even required to complete it.

  • You may use this method to install and play the English version of Nexon’s MapleStory 2 if you are located outside of South Korea.
  • First Step: Register for a Nexon Korea Account (Get one here ) Even though Nexon’s games are free to play, obtaining a Nexon Korea account from a location that is not South Korea might be difficult since you will be required to provide a Korean social security number as well as a Korean phone number in order to authenticate your identity.
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The only way to obtain one is to purchase a Nexon account that has already been created and authenticated, unless you know someone who lives in South Korea who is willing to share their account with you. These accounts are on sale on, and you may purchase one from us right now.

There are no hassle-free or simple methods available to create a Nexon KR account. If there existed, we would certainly compose a manual on how to use it. Although we do offer QQ accounts, we have also written a well-known tutorial on how users may obtain a free account. The second step is to download and set up the game.

Simply navigate to the official MapleStory 2 website and then click the colossal “Game Start button” that is shown in the following location: After that, you will be given the opportunity to sign in to your account. After entering your username and password, click the Sign In button located to the right: After then, it’s possible that you’ll be prompted to log in once more, but this time with a captcha code.

  1. Simply retype the information you already entered: You will now be sent to the MapleStory 2 site, where you must simply click the enormous Game Start button once more.
  2. After doing so, you will be requested to open the Nexon Game Manager.
  3. To continue, select Yes as illustrated here: There will be a further popup that appears; simply choose yes once more: After that, all you need to do is click the button that has the check mark next to it each time.
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At some point, you will be requested to install the game on your computer. When the patcher begins to run, you will know that everything is in order. Just sit back and relax as the game installs and patches itself on its own. After that, you may begin playing the game by clicking on the blue button.

  1. Note: It is possible that you may need to keep the patcher running throughout the night in order to successfully install MapleStory 2, especially considering the fact that you are downloading the game from Korean servers while located outside of the nation.
  2. Even with a connection that was many orders of magnitude faster than average, it took me a couple hours to download the game from the United States (300 mbps down).

Installing an English Patch for MapleStory 2 is the third step. Installing an English patch is not essential, however it is recommended if you wish to have an easier time navigating MapleStory 2’s menus and interface. My experience with the Ayumilove MapleStory 2 English patch has been positive thus far.

You may get it from here. It comes with a readme file that describes how to play the game and apply the English Patch. After you’ve finished downloading it, navigate to the folder where your MapleStory 2 data is stored (the usual location is C:NexonMapleStory2Data), and then extract the file there. After that, you will be able to switch between English and Korean by using the switch.bat file that is a part of the patch.

You will need to switch to Korean before starting the patcher, and then you will need to use the Switch.bat file to switch to English when the patcher is ready to launch the game. Are you still perplexed? Check out this video tutorial from the person who developed the English patch: Ayumilove’s Guide to the English Version of MapleStory 2 4) Play MapleStory 2 and have fun! You’re done! Begin playing the game, and have fun!