How To Put Music On Note 5?

How To Put Music On Note 5
Launch the “Phone,” “Samsung,” and “Music” folders on your device. Simply move the files you want to listen to into the ‘Music’ folder on the device using the dragging and dropping method.

How to play music on Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

Users of the Galaxy Note 5 now have an additional choice available for playing music. You may stream your own music over the internet by uploading it to Google Play and playing it there. However, this does consume an extremely large quantity of data. This blog article is relevant to the SM-N920 variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

How do I connect my Galaxy Note 5 to my computer?

Windows, developed by Microsoft. You may do this by using the micro-USB cable that came with the Note 5 to connect it to your computer. Swipe down on the status bar, and then pick “Connected as an installer” from the drop-down menu that appears. Select ‘Media device (MTP)’.

How to put Google Play Music on Samsung music player?

Put Google Play Music on Samsung Music Player from Your Phone – Step 1 Open the Google Play Music app. Step 2 Navigate to My Library and choose out an album or a playlist to listen to. Step 3 Select the Download option to save music to your Samsung device.

How to add music to Samsung Music on Windows 10?

Add Music to the Samsung Music App from Your Personal Computer Using Windows Media Player – Part 4 Step 1 Once Windows Media Player has been started on the computer, the Music Library will be shown. Step 2 Select the songs you wish to copy to your Samsung device, and then click the Sync button located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

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