How To Share Music On Twitter?

How To Share Music On Twitter
How To Share Music On Twitter How To Share Music On Twitter How To Share Music On Twitter We are excited to announce the launch of Twitter #music, a new service that will revolutionize the way users search for and discover music using Twitter. It identifies and brings to the forefront the most popular tunes and new artists by mining the activity on Twitter, which includes Tweets and interaction.

  1. It also puts the music-related Twitter activity of artists to the forefront: you can view their profiles to find out which musicians they follow on Twitter and listen to songs by the musicians they follow.
  2. And of course, you’ll have the ability to tweet songs without ever leaving the app.
  3. At the moment, tracks sent to Twitter’s #music section originate from one of three locations: iTunes, Spotify, or Rdio.

When you browse music in the app, you will, by default, be able to hear previews of songs from iTunes. Logging in to one’s Rdio or Spotify account allows a subscriber to listen to entire music that are contained in that service’s or that company’s catalogue.

We are going to continue our search for other music service providers and add them as we find them. You may browse and listen to the songs that have been tweeted about by the artists and people you follow on Twitter by navigating to the #NowPlaying section of Twitter. This section is where you will find the songs that have been tweeted about.

Or, if you are browsing through a chart and you are interested in learning more about a band such as Chvrches, you may follow them directly from the chart by tapping their avatar, you can press their Twitter username to get to their profile, or you can tap their top song by tapping their avatar.

You can also do a search for his name by clicking the magnifying glass symbol that is located in the upper right corner of the page. This will bring up a list of musicians that Wiz Khalifa likes to listen to. After that, you may start listening by tapping an artist that interests you and then pressing the play button.

Alternatively, you can press the play button on the player to hear all of the available artists. And when you find new music that you want to share with the people who follow you on Twitter, all you have to do is hit the spinning disc in the bottom left corner of the screen.

This launches the player, and while it’s open, you may tweet from within it by clicking the button that looks like a tweet in the top right corner. You can get Twitter #music from the App Store right now, or you can check out the online version, which will be available at within the next several hours.

At this time, the service is offered in the following countries: the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. In due course, we will extend the availability of the service to Android as well as to more nations.

  • Twitter and music are a wonderful combination.
  • Every day, people are exposed to new music and find new albums to listen to.
  • On Twitter, many of the accounts with the most followers are music-related, and around half of all users follow at least one artist.
  • Because of this, musicians first resort to Twitter in order to communicate with their followers, and this is also the reason why we wanted to create a way to highlight songs that people are tweeting about.

We provided musicians with an early glimpse at the service they would be using. You may view some of their responses in the next section. We hope you like it, too. Originally published on Twitter by Stephen Philips (@huntedguy). We are Hunted’s Original Founder How To Share Music On Twitter

How do you share a song in a Tweet? allows you to tweet your music. is a website that offers a service comparable to Twitter for music fans. provides its users with an input box that allows them to keep other users informed about the numerous music that they appreciate.

  • You will need to conduct a search on the website to locate a track so that you may accomplish this.
  • From that point on, it will be automatically supplied in the box, providing you the choice to offer pals a copy of one of your favorite songs.
  • When you select the option to “blip” a music, Imeem will get it from their servers so that you may play it directly from their website.

It is necessary to link your account with the microblog in order for you to be able to share information with Twitter. Your updates may then be syndicated to your Twitter profile, giving users a link to your blip as well as the opportunity to stream the corresponding music.

This is all done through the dashboard. It’s a good service, but if all you want to do is post music on Twitter, I believe it’s a bit too much work for what you get out of it. When it comes to sharing music, does some interesting and innovative things. Screenshot taken by Don Reisinger and published on CNET Imeem Users also have the ability to share their favorite tunes with their friends on Twitter through the usage of Imeem.

Registering for the Imeem website is required before you can start using the service. Initially, it will take more time, but as you get used to it, you will be able to search for music quite rapidly. You may just sit back and listen to the music. Click the “tweet this” button, though, if you’re in the mood to share what you’ve found.

  1. Your Twitter tweet-input box will then be supplied with the name of the music, the artist, and a link to the song’s page on Imeem, enabling your followers to listen to the tune.
  2. This will happen once you have completed the aforementioned steps.
  3. Because Imeem does not immediately update your Twitter stream, you have the freedom to alter the tweet in any way that you see suitable.

Imeem will post a tweet to your Twitter page on your behalf. Screenshot taken by Don Reisinger and published on CNET Serenade A straightforward iPhone application called Serenade gives you the ability to let your friends know what music you’re now listening to.

  1. When you first launch the application, it immediately detects the music that is being played on your device.
  2. You will then see an option to “Share with Twitter,” which you may select.
  3. The service will then post an update to your status with the title of the music, followed by a link to a preview of the song on iTunes.
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This will provide your followers with the opportunity to sample the song before deciding whether or not to purchase it. The program will automatically fill up the Twitter area with a generic tweet; however, you are free to customize this tweet in any way that best suits you and your audience.

It’s also worth noting that the software is completely free, so there’s no reason not to try it. You are able to make changes to your tweets using Serenade. Serenade Songly, which can be accessed through the website, is yet another online service that facilitates the sharing of music via Twitter.

The usage of Songly couldn’t be much easier. Simply go to the website’s search bar and type the title of the music that you are currently listening to. After receiving your input, Songly will search the Internet for streaming of the music you specified.

Click the “tweet” button that is located next to each track after you have located the music that you want to tweet about. This service will automatically add the name of the artist and the song to your Twitter profile, as well as a link back to Songly where the user may listen to the complete music.

I enjoyed Songly. It included every music that I had been looking for (both new and old). The fact that it is available at no cost to users further contributed to the product’s allure. allows you to search for music that you enjoy. Screenshot taken by Don Reisinger and published on CNET TweetMusic TweetMusic is another another iPhone software that provides you with the opportunity to communicate with the people who follow you on Twitter over the music that you enjoy.

  1. TweetMusic is able to infer the songs that you are currently listening to automatically.
  2. You can then launch the app, select to tweet your music to the service, and the app will handle everything else for you from there on out.
  3. It adds the name of the artist, the song, and a direct link to that music in the iTunes library to the status update box that you have selected to have it appear on your screen automatically.

In order to set itself apart from similar offerings, this software provides users with the ability to automatically send a tweet to the artist whenever the user is listening to one of the artist’s tracks (presuming, of course, that they are on Twitter).

  1. It’s a pretty wonderful feature that gives the app a little bit more of a kick here and there.
  2. The price of TweetMusic, which just recently went live, is 99 cents.
  3. But the fact that it comes with a ton of accessories and has a fantastic design make it well worth the money.
  4. TweetMusic gives you the ability to communicate directly with the musicians you follow.

Screenshot taken by Don Reisinger and published on CNET The TwittyTunes ( Windows link ) TwittyTunes is an excellent choice as a starting point if you are seeking for a Firefox plugin that will assist you in syndicating the music from your favorite tunes to your Twitter profile.

FoxyTunes is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox, while TwittyTunes is an extension for FoxyTunes. To put it another way, in order to utilize TwittyTunes, you will first need to install FoxyTunes, which is an extension for Firefox that gives you the ability to manage the songs that are playing in your browser.

After you have done so, I believe that you will find what you find with TwittyTunes to be to your liking. TwittyTunes allows you the choice to choose which songs to broadcast to your followers on Twitter, in contrast to a large number of other applications that broadcast automatically to Twitter the music that you are currently listening to on your computer.

  • You only need to click the TwittyTunes option that is located in your status bar, then tell your followers what you’re listening to (TwittyTunes will automatically fill in the Tweet box for you), and then you’ll be all set.
  • You’ll also be able to keep your followers up to speed with the websites and videos that you’re now watching with TwittyTunes.

It’s a really cool app all in all. Examine it carefully. You are able to upload songs to Twitter using TwittyTunes. FoxyTunes One of the services that stands out to me in this collection is does (nearly) everything for you, saving you the hassle of having to do everything yourself in order to share good tunes with your friends.

  1. When you first visit, you will be prompted to give permission for the site to access your Twitter account using the OAuth authorization that is provided by the social network.
  2. From that point on, all that is required of you is to enter the name of the artist as well as the song.
  3. The music is then located on streaming sites such as Imeem through a search conducted by, which subsequently offers a direct connection to the stream.

If you send that tweet to your followers, they will see the name of the artist, the song, as well as a link to the stream of the music on It’s a pretty cool service to have available. You shouldn’t feel guilty about having a good time while utilizing it because it’s completely free.

How do I share a Spotify song on Twitter?

Enjoyed reading this article? It is highly recommended that you share a playlist on Twitter. If you are a user of Twitter, you have the ability to post playlists using your personal Twitter account. In essence, Spotify enables you to tweet a link to a particular playlist.

If the followers are also Spotify users, they can then play the playlist by clicking the link in the feed. Follow these steps in order to tweet a playlist from Spotify: In the sidebar, select the playlist you wish to share by clicking on it. Simply pick the Twitter tab after clicking the Share icon that is located above the playlist.

After you have finished entering any optional message to accompany the tweet, click the box that says Share to Twitter. Your computer browser will now display the Twitter sign-in page for you to use if you are not already logged into Twitter at this time.

  • After you sign in, a tweet with a link to your playlist will be posted to your Twitter feed.
  • If someone hits the link in the tweet, they will be presented with the option to either launch Spotify or download it.
  • If they are currently paying subscribers to Spotify, the playlist will open on their Spotify app.
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If they are not yet paying subscribers to Spotify, however, they will be requested to sign up for a subscription.

Can I use music on Twitter?

How can I incorporate music in my Twitter videos in a way that is not illegal? – You may receive legal permission to use music in your Twitter videos by negotiating a license directly with the owner of the copyright and asking for permission to use the music.

This is the easiest approach to gain legal authorization. Even if you provide credit to the owner of the music, this is not enough to protect you from charges of copyright infringement, especially if the song is going to be utilized in a commercial capacity. Unfortunately, taking this path often results in higher expenses.

It is possible that certain contracts may assess a charge each time a song is played or will place a cap on the number of times a song can be used in a video before the user is subject to further use costs. To further complicate matters, when it comes to music, one must take into consideration both sound recording rights and composition rights.

Can you send audio on Twitter?

How to send audio messages on Twitter Direct Messages – Here are the steps you need to take in order to send voice messages on Twitter Direct Messages: Step 1: To begin, launch the Twitter app on your mobile device (either iOS or Android). Step 2: After that, navigate to the bottom right of the tab bar and choose the symbol that looks like an envelope labeled DM.

  1. Step 3: At this point, navigate to the bottom right of the screen and choose the icon labeled “New Message.” Step 4: Once you’ve located the person to whom you want to deliver an audio message, touch on their name, and then pick the Following option.
  2. Step 5: At this point, you will need to select the Voice Recording icon that appears at the bottom right of the screen, near to the text bar.

Step 6: A pop-up window with the following question will show on the screen: “Allow Twitter to record audio?” Step 7: To record your voice message, pick the icon that is located next to the text bar once you have enabled the permissions. Step Eight: When you are finished, just click the Send button.

In addition, you have the option of playing and listening to your audio file before sharing it. In the event that you decide you do not want it, there is a cancel button that you can use to get rid of the recorded audio and begin the process all over again. You are permitted to send audio messages on Twitter that are up to 140 seconds in length.

The Twitter Android or iOS app is the sole way to send voice messages in direct messages (DMs), but voice messages may be listened to on any device. READ | Google Doc: Changing the Owner of Your File – Step-by-Step Instructions READ | Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to unblock someone on WhatsApp: READ READ | Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide to Help You File Your Revised Income Tax Return

Can you share a song from Apple Music?

If you have an Apple Music subscription, you have the ability to add songs from the Apple Music collection to your personal stories on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. Check to see if you have Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat installed on the device you’re using.

Does Twitter embed Spotify links?

How To Share Music On Twitter When it comes to microblogging services and music streaming services, respectively, two of the most popular applications are Spotify and Twitter. Additionally, users of Spotify like retweeting songs and playlists that they find particularly enjoyable on Twitter and other social networking networks.

  • However, users of Spotify have reported experiencing difficulties when trying to share links on Twitter.
  • Source There have been many reports indicating that the Spotify link preview is not functioning properly or displaying on Twitter for a large number of users.
  • Although it is not known for certain what the root of the issue is, it is abundantly evident from the volume of user complaints that the problem affects a significant number of people.

Users of Spotify are experiencing a significant amount of frustration as a result of this issue, since they are unable to highlight their preferred music on the microblogging site. One of my personality quirks was that I liked to share Spotify links. Twitter, if you could just get your act together and restore the previous link, that would be great.

  • Source I suddenly came to the realization that Twitter will no longer embed Spotify links since doing so would make them appear much larger and less attractive.
  • Similar to when they banned embedding links to Soundcloud, this has occurred.
  • Source Source The fact that customer service for either Twitter or Spotify has yet to weigh in on the controversy is another factor that is making things more difficult for consumers.

On the other hand, one of the users who was impacted by the issue discovered a possible solution to the problem. It would appear that the preview can be made to function on Twitter by eliminating the portion that comes after the Spotify link and adding the question mark.

Changing the link branch=1 is one example of this. the preview function on the microblogging platform may be activated by going to Source Because altering the links enables the preview for them, this provides more evidence that the problem may be with Spotify links rather than being tied to Twitter.

Nevertheless, this is still based on our conjecture because neither of the service providers has offered any explanation on the topic up to this point. It is hoped that Spotify and Twitter will either throw more light on the situation or, better yet, fix it permanently so that people may share Spotify links without experiencing any difficulties.

  1. In spite of this, we will continue to monitor this situation for any new developments and will provide an update as soon as we have additional information at our disposal.
  2. You might want to check out our Twitter and Spotify pages in the interim because those two places include further stories of this kind.

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Can you post music from YouTube on Twitter?

How to post a link to a video from YouTube on your Twitter profile – It is sufficient to copy the URL of the YouTube video in question and then paste it into a tweet in order to directly share it through Twitter. You have the option of copying the URL from the bar that displays it at the top of your browser or by right-clicking the video and selecting the option to Copy video URL from the context menu.

Taking a screenshot of the video player on YouTube after having right-clicked on the video. Insider contributor Kyle Wilson Steven John Freelance Writer Freelance writer Steven John moved to the area close to New York City after spending 12 years in Los Angeles, 4 years in Boston, and the previous 18 years close to Washington, DC.

Mountaineering is one of his hobbies, which he does on occasion when he is not writing or spending time with his wife and children. His work may be found all over the internet, and you can purchase his books on the website Continue reading Read much less.

How do I share a YouTube video on Twitter?

Linking to Videos on YouTube – If you want to increase the number of video views that come from your YouTube channel, but you don’t want to rely only on local uploads, here are some short pointers for sharing YouTube links.

  1. Click the share button that’s located underneath the video on YouTube that you wish to utilize.
  2. You may either copy the link or click the symbol to go to Twitter.
  3. If you copy the URL and then navigate to Twitter, where you will find a button labeled “compose tweet,” then you will be able to paste the copied link right into the tweet. If you click the Twitter button, a new tweet with the link will immediately appear in the Twitter app on your device. Take note that by utilizing the URL directly from YouTube, the video thumbnail will be included in every single tweet that you send out.
  4. Create a captivating caption to accompany the video you just uploaded.
  5. It is not recommended to use a social media scheduling tool (such as Hubspot, Buffer, MeetEdgar, Hootsuite, etc.) for the purpose of distributing YouTube videos on Twitter because doing so may result in the thumbnails not displaying correctly.
  6. For increased visibility, include hashtags that are pertinent to the sector.
  7. To share your movie, click the Tweet button.

An example of the kind of video that we might distribute on Twitter that was originally uploaded to YouTube is shown below in the form of a brand video for one of our customers, The Derrick Law Firm. Including video as part of your legal marketing plan is a fantastic way to strengthen your brand, and you can do this by either uploading your movies directly to Twitter or providing links to them on YouTube.

How do I post Apple music on Twitter?

On Apple Music, you have the ability to post a wide variety of content to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. This includes individual songs, albums, radio stations, and playlists. You also have the option to copy a link or an HTML code, both of which will open the music in Apple Music when accessed over the web.

After receiving the link and clicking it, the song, album, or playlist will open on Apple Music on the web. Once there, the user will be able to play the content, add it to their library, and do other actions. If you already have the Music or iTunes app installed on your computer or device, you may launch the app directly from within Apple Music on the web by clicking the link located in the bottom-left corner of the page.

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Does everyone have voice tweets?

How To Share Music On Twitter Is It Possible for Anyone to Use Voice Tweets? – Not yet, no. It is only accessible through the Twitter app for the operating system, but if you are using Android or Twitter on your computer, don’t worry about it. You will soon be receiving tweets with voice.

You currently cannot use voice to react to tweets or quote tweets. It is not accessible for retweets or replies to other tweets. If you have a lot to discuss, you should split your comments up into many threads. There is a cap of 25 voice tweets on each thread. You need more room than just 25 tweets, right? It is recommended that you create a brief video for uploading to YouTube and then tweet the link to the video.

Even though transcripts of voice tweets are not now available, Twitter has plans to roll out this functionality in the near future so that an increased number of users will be able to appreciate voice tweets. Is it possible to utilize voice tweets as direct messages? Not at this time, however if voice tweets become widely used in the future, we can certainly anticipate a deployment in the near future.

How do you Tweet voice on Android?

Note that this functionality is currently only accessible on Twitter for the iOS app at this time. If you want to record a voice tweet, follow these steps. The following steps will show you how to record a voice tweet: To create a tweet using the Twitter app, select the “Tweet compose” icon located in the lower right corner of the screen. The tweet containing your voice will be published as a tweet with an audio attachment. Your current profile picture will be used as the thumbnail for the tweet when you send it out. Be aware that the photo will be posted as a static image; this means that it will remain the same even if you decide to alter your profile photo at a later time.

  1. When it comes to voice tweets, you have the ability to record up to two minutes and 20 seconds every message.
  2. Twitter will automatically separate your message into multiple threads if it is longer than that limit.
  3. There is a cap of 25 tweets that can be threaded together.
  4. A voice tweet cannot be sent as a reply to an existing tweet or thread, nor can it be sent as a quote tweet.

This is an important point to keep in mind.