How To Sync Music On Tiktok?

How To Sync Music On Tiktok
How To Sync Music On Tiktok The last step is to save and export your movie with synchronised audio. In the final step, select the videos you want to export by clicking the Save or Start All option. By the way, if you want to convert your original file into other common formats, you may click the button labeled “Output Format,” select a format from the drop-down menu that appears, then save and export the file.

How to add sound to TikTok videos?

If you are using a sound from the TikTok stock music library, all you need to do to use the full sound on TikTok is record or upload a TikTok video that is at least as long as the sound, and then click Sounds to add the full sound to the video. If you are using a sound that is not from the TikTok stock music library, you will need to record or upload a video that is at least as long as the sound.

How to convert TikTok videos to MP4 with flexclip?

The next step is to record a video of the music on your iPhone. Launch a music application such as Spotify. Start playing the music you want to record, then scroll down from the top of the screen on the iPhone and hit the screen recording button, which looks like two circles stacked on top of each other.

How does music length affect TikTok video duration?

There are four different strategies that are the most effective when it comes to extending the length of music on TikTok to more than 15 or 60 seconds. Better still, if you want to make fashionable TikTok velocity effects, transitions, and sound FX, you can do it for free by using the video editing program VideoProc Vlogger.

  • People frequently assert that the shorter TikTok video is superior, however this is not always the case.
  • Despite the fact that it is a platform for short videos, sometimes 15 seconds just isn’t enough time to convey all of the fun elements of a duet video, the purpose of a complete movie trailer, the nuances of a cosmetics tutorial, etc.
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The team behind TikTok is aware of this, which is why they expanded the maximum length from its original 15 seconds to its current 60 seconds. Simply by sliding the duration button to the right and selecting 60 seconds as the time limit, we can now quickly record a lengthier TikTok.

Nevertheless, the length of the movie decreases once we include TikTok with our own sound or music. Why? TikTok requires that the length of the selected song be used as the basis for determining the overall length of the video. If you have a TikTok video that is 60 seconds long and you choose a music clip that is only 12 seconds long to use as the soundtrack, then TikTok will reduce the video so that it is just 12 seconds long.

So what do we do now? Don’t fret! We have already come up with some fantastic ideas for solutions. Continue reading to understand the four different ways you may extend the playback of songs on TikTok.

How long does it take to upload a video on TikTok?

How to Make Music Last Longer (Than 60 Seconds) on TikTok in VideoProc Vlogger – How to Make Music Last Longer on TikTok Both of the options presented above are effective at allowing you to utilize more than 15 seconds of a sound on TikTok; but, neither of them can get beyond TikTok’s restriction of 60 seconds.

  1. On the other hand, this does not imply that it is impossible to create a sound on TikTok that is longer than sixty seconds.
  2. In point of fact, there is a strategy that is not overly complicated for accomplishing this goal.
  3. After opening up your computer, adding the lengthy piece of music to the movie that you would want to upload to TikTok using a video editing tool, and then converting the clip, all that is required of you is to do so.
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For the sake of the demonstration, I will be using VideoProc Vlogger because it is simple to operate and does not cost anything.1. Obtain a copy of VideoProc Vlogger from the internet and install it on your computer. Start it up, input the name of the project, and then select the appropriate folder to store the project file in.

  1. On the resolution option, select TikTok’s preferred resolution, which is 720 pixels by 1280 pixels (9:16).
  2. Hit Start.2.
  3. From the computer, navigate to the Media Library and use the arrow keys or the mouse to move the video and audio segments that you wish to combine into a single TikTok video.
  4. Once that is complete, move the audio clip onto the audio track, and then drag the video clip onto the video track.

How to Extend the Playtime of Music on TikTok Computer Tips: If the music is longer than the TikTok video, you may adjust the duration of the audio clip by dragging the end of it on the timeline until it is the same length as the video. Hit the Ripple Delete button, and then select the Time Stretch option if the music is shorter than the TikTok video.

The following step is to adjust the length of the audio clip such that it is comparable to the duration of the video. You may cut out unnecessary parts of an audio or video clip by dragging the endpoints of the clip onto the timeline of the project.3. Press Export. On this panel, you have the option of modifying the video characteristics, as well as the format and codec, if necessary.

After that, hit the Start button. You may now export music for TikTok that is longer than sixty seconds if it is in your library.4. After navigating to the TikTok Lengthy Video Converter, select the Upload button to produce the long TikTok video that has been converted.5.

Navigate to the official TikTok website and sign in using the credentials associated with your TikTok account. You’ll find the button to upload your file at the top of the page. Make your music videos on TikTok, an online platform, longer.6. At this point, you will upload the movie that was previously converted and downloaded immediately thanks to the web tool.

TikTok’s uploading and processing of videos with music that is more than 60 seconds long often takes roughly ten minutes of the user’s time. During the procedure, you will have the opportunity to input the video caption, adjust the privacy settings, and provide additional information.7.