Kanye West’S “Gold Digger” Samples Music From Which Artist?

Kanye West’S “Gold Digger” Samples Music From Which Artist
It was Ray Charles. Everyone is aware that one of Kanye West’s most successful songs, “Gold Digger,” is based on a snippet of Ray Charles’s song “I Got a Woman,” and that this snippet was used in the song. However, a recently filed complaint claims that another sample is included, but it is not receiving the credit that it should.

What song does Kanye West’s gold digger sample?

The song “Gold Digger” was constructed using a sample from Ray Charles’s “I Got a Woman.” When it was first released, many people speculated that West got the idea for “Gold Digger” from viewing the historical picture Ray, in which Jamie Foxx won an Academy Award for his depiction of Ray Charles. However, he had already crafted the beat of the song well in advance of the production of the movie.

Did Kanye West get sued over the’gold digger’sample?

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What song does Jamie Foxx sample in gold digger?

WhoSampled has uncovered that Jamie Foxx’s “Gold Digger” contains a sample of Ray Charles’s “I’ve Got a Woman.” WHOSAMPLED PREMIUM IS NOW AD-FREE! GET IT HERE! WHOSAMPLED Premium removes all advertisements from the site. Kanye West, collaborating with Jamie Foxx To leave a comment, you will first need to log in. To continue, please sign in or register.

How did Kanye West’s’gold digger’become so popular?

The song “Gold Digger” was Kanye West’s first single to reach the top 10 of the Mainstream Top 40 chart, where it peaked at number two. On the Pop 100, ‘Gold Digger’ also broke a record by jumping from number 94 to number two, giving West the record for the highest ever leap on that chart. This gave West the record for the biggest ever jump on the Pop 100.