Tragedy Why Music Drives Mayhem?

Tragedy Why Music Drives Mayhem
Tragedy Both a roster quest and an Another Story quest, Written in Stone may be found on the Rethramis page of the Adventurer’s Tome. It is gained by inspecting the Moss-Covered Page that is given to the player at the conclusion of the side quest A Memory of What Was by Merchant Taport.

What is the’tragedy written in stone’quest in Lost Ark?

The Normal Roster quest known as “Tragedy Written in Stone” provides very little direction, and it is, to tell you the truth, a very challenging quest to even locate and start. That is when we came in to lend a hand and assist. This walkthrough will teach you where to look for the ‘Tragedy Written in Stone’ task in Lost Ark, as well as how to initiate it and finish it successfully.

How do I start the tragedy written in stone quest?

You will need to engage in combat with several Gravekeeper Ghosts on the Rethramis Border in order to initiate the ‘Tragedy Written in Stone’ quest that is available in Lost Ark. As you engage in combat with them, eventually one of them will drop a Moss-Covered Log, which will cause the beginning of the quest to begin automatically. On the other hand, this can take some time.

How to start tragedy written in stone rethramis?

You need go to Merchant Taport in Rethramis Border and speak with him. You will receive the task for your roster titled “A Memory of What Was” from her. After you have followed the route and read the Mossy Journal that is located in the Graveyard, you should return to Taport and turn in the task.

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How do I read the epitaph in the graveyard in Lost Ark?

In order to proceed with the ‘Tragedy Written at Stone’ task in Lost Ark, you will first need to talk with him. After you have finished talking to Gravekeeper Kendal, he will ask you to read the illegible inscription that is written on a coffin that is located just to the north of the main entrance.