What Does Refrain Mean In Music?

What Does Refrain Mean In Music
A refrain is a line or lines that are repeated in music or in poetry; it is sometimes referred to as the “chorus” of a song. The term “refrain” originates from the Vulgar Latin verb refringere, which means “to repeat.” A refrain eventually evolved from the Old French refraindre. The villanelle, the virelay, and the sestina are three examples of fixed forms in poetry that incorporate refrains.

What is difference between chorus and refrain?

The refrain is a repeated line or lines in a song, typically at the end of each verse, while the chorus is a part of a song that is repeated after each verse and is accompanied by a melodic buildup. The primary distinction between the refrain and the chorus is that the refrain is a repeated line or lines in a song, while the chorus is a part of a song that is repeated after each verse.

Why is it called a refrain?

The Meaning of the Word “Refrain” – The term “refrain” originates from the archaic French word “refraindre,” which may be translated as “to repeat.” A repeated line or lyric is called a refrain in the world of music. It is comprised of two elements: the musical melody, as well as the written lyrics.

This might be the chorus of the song in a pop tune because choruses are frequently repeated several times during the song. If you listen to Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe,” you’ll notice that the chorus is noticeably distinct from the verses that follow either before or after it in terms of its rhythm, harmony, and melody.

It appears around eight times throughout the song, therefore it serves as an excellent illustration of a refrain. Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit single “Call Me Maybe” However, it does not have to be the complete chorus of a popular song in order to serve its purpose.

Here is Abba’s “Why Did It Have to Be Me?” song for your listening pleasure. It does not have a genuine chorus, but the two lines may be found at the conclusion of each of the main verses. “It’s not surprising at all; the question is, why did it have to be me?” Even though there isn’t a chorus, these two words serve as the song’s refrain throughout the whole composition.

Why Was I the One Who Had to Suffer? by the Abba When a composition is written in strophic form, the refrain is often placed at the conclusion of each stanza. This is something that may be found in many ancient folk songs, such as “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.” The phrase “coming for to bring me home” is repeated once again at the conclusion of each stanza as well as in the midst of each verse.

  • Swing Low, You Sweet Chariot,” the song goes.
  • Other more current folk tunes, such as Bob Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-going to Fall” and “The Times They Are A-changing,” both include refrains that end each verse; the words of the refrains make up the title of the song.
  • A Hard Rain’s A-going to Fall” – Bob Dylan Bob Dylan wrote the song “The Times They Are A-Changing.” Some musicologists believe that the term “refrain” should only be used to refer to a repeated line of lyrics and melody that is included as a component of a larger section, such as the end of each verse in the two Bob Dylan songs that were discussed previously, along with other songs like “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “It Ain’t Me, Babe.” On the other hand, the primary repeated piece of a pop song should just be referred to as the chorus, much as the example of “Call Me Maybe” that was shown earlier in this paragraph.
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On the other hand, the refrain can be used for any of those two possibilities, however the chorus is only ever utilized for the primary non-verse element of the song. That being said, not all refrains may be classified as choruses, but choruses can always be classified as refrains.

What is an example of a refrain?

What Exactly Is a Refrain? Both poetry and music are huge fans of repetition. It is more simpler and quicker to recall information that has been repeated. Consider the children’s nursery rhyme “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” Twinkle, twinkle tiny star I am curious as to what you are.

  • Way up there, so far above the globe Like a glittering jewel in the clouds Twinkle, twinkle tiny star A refrain is anything like “twinkle, twinkle, tiny star,” which is repeated over and over again.
  • The literary definition of a refrain is pretty straightforward.
  • It’s the repetition of a phrase or line inside a song or poetry.

As can be seen in the child’s song, a refrain is used for both the first and the final line.

What is another word for refrain in music?

An arranger’s chorus is a section of a jazz performance in which the arranger demonstrates their mastery of the music by employing exceptionally complex musical methods in an effort to dazzle the audience. This might involve making use of devices like as counterpoint, reharmonization, tone color, or any other arrangement technique.

How do you find the refrain of a song?

It is often situated somewhere in the middle of the narrative of the songs. For instance, there may be a tale in the first stanza, followed by a refrain, then more of a story in the second stanza, followed by a refrain, and so on. At the conclusion of each stanza is where you’ll find the refrain. It is also sometimes sung at the beginning of the song or at the end of the song.

What is a common refrain?

Examples of the Use of the Refrain as a Verb in Sentences I was about to make a joke, but I decided to hold off instead. Noun The contention that there should be a greater allocation of funds to the institutions of education is now widespread among educators.

I was only able to sing along with the song’s refrain because I was unfamiliar with the song’s verses. Examples taken from the Web More Recently: Verb The majority of entrepreneurs responsible for today’s newer services choose not to classify them as belonging to any one kind or subclass. — Laura Neilson, WSJ, 12 Aug.2022 In addition, it is imperative that authorities at all levels of government avoid from discriminating against individuals who have monkeypox.

— Muhammad Jawad Noon, Scientific American, June 23, 2022 [Citation] Both the director Daneskov and the co-writer Morten Pape avoid ever pushing too hard, and their characters are perfectly attuned to their subtle restraint throughout the film. — Joe Leydon, Variety, the 17th of June in the year 2022 If it’s at all feasible, you should try to avoid using money from savings accounts or home equity lines of credit when times are uncertain.

These are examples of nest eggs. — Jasmine Bromley, Essence, Thursday, June 4, 2022 We ask that you stop from questioning us about the recent tragedy, and we kindly ask that you refrain from taking photographs while you are on the farm’s land. — Staff of the Boston Globe, BostonGlobe.com, May 23, 2022 The agency requested that from four in the afternoon until nine in the evening, thermostats be kept at a temperature of 78 degrees or above, that big appliances not be used, and that electric cars not be charged.

— Talal Ansari, WSJ, 1 Sep.2022 According to the prosecution, Judge Steven Key also ordered Mendez to refrain from driving without a legal license while her case is pending and to observe a curfew that is in effect from 10:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. each night.

— Travis Andersen, BostonGlobe.com, August 26, 2022 Source: Oksana, who is 30 years old and was speaking with her partner about the topic on Thursday in a cafe in Kyiv, said that the general view among Ukrainians has been that they need to come together and abstain from criticizing the government while the country is at war.

— Liz Sly, Anchorage Daily News, August 19, 2022 Source: Examples taken from the Web More Recently: Noun It was a common theme among Republicans to assert that those who benefited from the relief plan were gender studies majors, despite the fact that only a very tiny percentage of students in the United States major in that discipline.

— Arkansas Online, 27 Aug.2022 It was a common theme among Republicans to assert that those who benefited from the relief plan were gender studies majors, despite the fact that only a very tiny percentage of students in the United States major in that discipline. — Meg Kinnard, American Journal of Cancer, August 26, 2022 When Zelensky spoke before the British House of Commons, he used a statement that resembled a refrain from Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Johnson’s hero.

This line was included in Zelensky’s address. — Karla Adam, Washington Post, 24 Aug.2022 This theme would be echoed by other technology titans that created public chatbots, such as Meta’s BlenderBot3, which was introduced earlier on in this month. — Catherine Thorbecke, CNN, the 20th of August in the year 2022 The refrain that is heard most frequently revolves on leaving a starter in for too long and causing it to catch fire.

— Meghan Montemurro from the Chicago Tribune, published on August 16, 2022 If you include some lines that have gone viral in the song’s primary refrain, then Central Cee will have his most successful song to yet. — Eric Frankenberg, Billboard, 7 Aug.2022 That has been a narrative that has been repeated by policy makers throughout succeeding episodes of volatility or weakness.

— Greg Ritchie, Fortune, July 13, 2022 Source: When asked what about the community’s response to Triforce-percent shocked him the most, dwangoAC referred to the phrase that was utilized in the sequence’s end. This tagline became a community chant throughout the duration of the charity event.

— Sam Machkovech, Ars Technica, July 5, 2022 [Citation] See More These sentences are taken automatically from a variety of internet news sources in order to provide examples that represent current usage of the word’refrain.’ The examples contain viewpoints that do not reflect the opinion of Merriam-Webster or the editors of the dictionary.

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What’s the difference between repetition and refrain?

Differences Between Refrain, Repetition, and Villanelle A refrain is a sort of repetition, although it is relatively distinct from repetition. A villanelle, on the other hand, is a unique form of repetition. The term “refrain” refers to the repeated use of a line, phrase, two or three lines, or even individual words within a poem.

  • On the other side, repetition refers to the practice of using the same words, phrases, syllables, or even sounds throughout an entire composition.
  • This recurrence of words and phrases in repetition can take place in any line of a stanza, although a refrain in a poem may appear at the conclusion of a stanza.

Another distinction is that a refrain may come at the end of a stanza. On the other hand, the villanelle is a poetry form that consists of nineteen lines and incorporates refrain in the first and third lines of the poem.

Is it OK to start a song with the chorus?

The function of a chorus in musical compositions – The chorus is an essential component of the story that a song is telling. It’s typically the part of the song where the escalating tension is ultimately resolved, and the primary payout happens at this point.

  • Regardless of this, a chorus might appear at any point within the song.
  • It might occur immediately at the beginning of the song, in the midst of the song, or even right at the conclusion of the song.
  • The chorus is an essential component of the story that a song is telling.
  • It’s typically the part of the song where the escalating tension is ultimately resolved, and the primary payout happens at this point.
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If you are familiar with the framework of your song, writing the chorus will be much easier. The section of your song in which the chorus is located will impact how you write it. The following are a few instances of songs that include choruses that are very striking.

What’s the difference between a hook and a chorus?

The Hook Vs. the Chorus: Differences and Similarities – Although the chorus and hook of a song are somewhat similar to one another, there are some significant differences between the two that are essential for a composer to comprehend. The following are the key distinctions between a hook and a chorus: A chorus is typically more extensive.

Although this isn’t always the case, a chorus will often consist of many lines, but a hook may just consist of a few words or a phrase or two at the most. It is possible for a hook to be contained inside the chorus section of a song; yet, in most cases, the chorus as a whole is much too lengthy to be deemed a hook on its own.

A hook offers greater adaptability. A verse or bridge will often come either before or after a chorus in a song. On the other hand, hooks may be situated in virtually any location. In a song, hooks might appear in the introduction, when the chorus is playing, before the bridge, or even during the closing outro.

What is a refrain in a poem?

A word or sentence that is repeated at various intervals throughout the poem, most often at the conclusion of each stanza.

What is the chorus of a song?

The chorus is where the song really starts to pick up steam and where it reaches its peak. It is also the point at which the verse and the pre-chorus have been simplified into a single feeling that is repeated. For instance, in the song “Let It Be” by the Beatles, there is a section when the lyrics “let it be” are repeated over and over again.

What is the part before the chorus called?

In most songs, the chord progression used in the verse or chorus is carried over into the pre-chorus, which builds upon the listener’s previous experience with the song. It is an additional opportunity to try new things; for instance, a pre-chorus might employ different harmonies or interrupt the rhythm that the song has been following.