What Radio Station In Houston Plays Christmas Music?

What Radio Station In Houston Plays Christmas Music
When the Christmas holiday season actually starts might mean different things to different people, but everyone has a theory about it. The day after Thanksgiving falls on certain people’s calendars. For some people, this may be the time of year when Christmas trees and other holiday decorations first become available for purchase.

However, the start of the holiday season officially begins for many Houstonians, including me, when Sunny 99.1 becomes a radio station that plays only Christmas music around the clock. When the well-known FM station starts playing festive music all day and night to get people in the Christmas spirit, it has become an annual ritual that we all look forward to and have come to adore.

This year, Sunny 99.1 made the decision to begin broadcasting their Christmas programming earlier than they normally do because, let’s face it, given how the year 2020 has unfolded thus far, we could all need an extra helping of holiday happiness. That’s right – beginning right now, Sunny 99.1 FM will be spreading holiday happiness by playing Christmas music nonstop to help brighten your day! In addition to this, the station will broadcast other holiday shows over the course of the season, as well as host a number of giveaways and, of course, run its well-known annual “Christmas Wish” competition.

What radio station is Christmas music on in Houston?

SUNNY has become Houston’s go-to station for Christmas music! All of your favorite Christmas music played nonstop for you and your family.

What channel plays Christmas music on FM?

This year, there will be festive music played on two FM stations around the clock. KOST 103.5 will be the first station to convert to holiday programming, making the move on Friday, November 9, 2018, followed by KKGO 105.1, a country music station, on Monday, November 19.

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What station is klove Christmas music?

Tune in to K-LOVE Radio every day of the year to hear Christmas music.

What wavelength is Xmas FM?

Christmas FM is scheduled to make its triumphant return to Irish airwaves this week, which means that fans of yuletide tunes are ready to enter the most delightful time of the year. At one o’clock on Wednesday afternoon, the station with a Christmas theme will pick up where it left off with its annual broadcast on FM frequencies from the Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin.

Throughout the month of December, listeners can anticipate hearing a variety of well-known radio speakers playing traditional Christmas music as well as providing updated seasonal content. The station receives its funding from sponsors and is operated on an ongoing basis by more than one hundred volunteers who broadcast and provide hundreds of hours of their work.

This year, the station is working toward the aim of generating over €200,000 for Temple Street Children’s Hospital through spreading awareness and collecting donations for the organization. The money will be put toward the acquisition of brand-new, cutting-edge incubators and ventilators, which will be utilized to assist more than one thousand infants and toddlers who are in critical condition and are being treated at the hospital.

Garvan Rigby, one of the co-founders of Christmas FM, stated that everyone engaged with the station were looking forward to getting back on the air so that they could start fundraising. According to what he said to TheJournal, “this year, we’re asking individuals to offer the gift of life.” It would be incredible, for example, if we were able to generate enough money to contribute to the purchase of ventilators and incubators for the benefit of infants and children.

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According to Brian O’Driscoll, a former player for the Irish rugby team and current Temple Street Ambassador, the funds will assist medical staff in providing treatment for pediatric patients at the facility. “I hope that Christmas FM listeners all across the country will get involved this December and help make this vital new equipment a reality for children who need it the most at Temple Street,” he said.

Christmas FM is broadcasting across the country, so listeners can tune in from wherever they are in the country.” In the event that you are interested in listening, Christmas FM may be heard on the following radio frequencies in Irish cities: Dublin on 105.2FM, Cork on 106.7FM, Galway on 87.7FM, and Limerick on 105.5FM.

In addition, transmissions may be received in Kilkenny on 104.3FM, Sligo on 95FM, and Kildare on 88.1FM from the station. Letterkenny can be heard on 105.7FM, while Tralee/Killarney can be heard on 105FM, Wicklow North can be heard on 99.5FM, Wicklow South can be heard on 106.6FM, and Ennis/Clare can be heard on 105.2FM.

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You can ensure that we can continue to provide trustworthy and important news to everyone, regardless of their capacity to pay, by contributing the equivalent of the cost of one cup of coffee every week. In addition, it will be broadcast regionally on the stations 101.6FM in the north Midlands, 99.4FM in the north east of the nation, and 103.8FM in the south east of the country respectively.

Additionally, there are a number of other stations that are similar to this one that can be found all over the world. Christmas FM Classical will play traditional carols along with classical Christmas music, whilst Christmas FM Classics will focus on playing popular Christmas songs from the past and present.

In the meanwhile, Christmas FM North Pole will be broadcasting from a studio atop the North Pole State Structure, which is the highest building in the North Pole, with the goal of spreading the joy and wonder of Christmas to the rest of the globe. In addition to its traditional broadcasts on channel 900 on Virgin Media, Christmas FM will also be available online at ChristmasFM.com.