What Radio Station Plays Christmas Music In Kansas City?

What Radio Station Plays Christmas Music In Kansas City
KCKC 102.1 FM The switch was flicked on Kansas City’s KCKC 102.1 FM at nine in the morning on Friday, and the station is now broadcasting Christmas music around the clock throughout the city’s airwaves.

What radio station plays Christmas music in Missouri?

ST. LOUIS – Listeners who enjoy Christmas music will want to check in to 102.5 KEZK throughout the holiday season since the station will be playing Christmas music nonstop throughout the season. The radio station in St. Louis typically broadcasts adult contemporary music, but from the second week of November, they switch over to playing exclusively Christmas music.

What radio frequency is Xmas FM?

Our FM Frequencies

Dublin City & County 105.2 FM
Galway City 87.9 FM
Kildare North 88.1 FM
Kilkenny City 104.3 FM

What is a Christmas station in St Louis?

Parking will be available in the main lot of the St. Louis Union Station, which can be accessed just off of 18th Street. The primary entrance is where visitors will enter the building, and once inside, they will be given a white parking ticket. Guests will navigate their way to the event parking area for THE POLAR EXPRESSTM Train Ride inside of the guarded parking lot by following the directional signage and being directed by flaggers.

How do you play k love Christmas Alexa?

Have you ever listened to music by musicians such as Chris Tomlin, Francesca Battistelli, Jeremy Camp, Crowder, Third Day, Lauren Daigle, or Casting Crowns? K-LOVE brings uplifting and inspiring music from a wide variety of musicians, including these three and many more, right to your Amazon Alexa device.

Where is Christmas FM based?

There is only one radio station that provides all of the holiday music you could ever want, whether you want to sing “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree” with Brenda Lee, “Dreaming of a White Christmas” with Bing Crosby, or “Serenading Your Loved One” with Mariah Carey.

Have you ever stopped to consider the origins of Christmas FM, despite the fact that you spend the whole month of November just turning your radio dial to the station that plays Christmas music? People could sense that something was on the verge of happening, despite the fact that it was a rainy night and the sky was gloomy.

Nah, just kidding. It was actually a lovely August evening when four (kind of) wise men sat together over a few drinks and started kicking around the idea of launching a radio station that would be dedicated especially to the most delightful season of the year! It was the year 2008, and the goal was straightforward: to establish a radio station that welcomes listeners of all ages and celebrates Christmas in its many forms.

  1. In collaboration with Station Manager Dan McDermott and cofounders Paul Shepherd, Daragh O’Sullivan, Garvan Rigby, and Walter Hegarty.
  2. Following additional deliberation, it was decided that the philosophy behind Christmas FM would include, in addition to providing a feel-good factor in the run-up to the holiday season and raising awareness and funds for a charity partner, Christmas FM would also provide a feel-good factor during the holiday season itself.

When we give money to a worthy cause, many of us don’t stay around long enough to see what our contribution accomplishes because we’re in such a hurry to get on with our lives. If listeners were willing to take the time and make the effort to give to Christmas FM’s yearly cause, the station pledged to let them know how their money would be used.

  • Consequently, the group of guys formulated their mission statement.
  • Unfortunately, it was then time to get down to the nitty-gritty of the situation, which was to figure out how they were going to pay for it.
  • The fantastic sponsors that have sponsored the station over the years include EBS, Coca-Cola, Cadbury, and An Post, amongst others.

They have successfully completed the essential task of paying the operating expenditures, making it possible for the creative team to focus on what they do best, which is providing listeners all over the world with the enchantment of Christmas. Therefore, in a nutshell, the sponsors pay for the radio station, the team is responsible for providing the music, and the listeners pay for the charitable effort.

  1. Isn’t it clear cut? Having said that, let there be no confusion.
  2. When it first began broadcasting, Christmas FM was not the ubiquitous phenomenon that it has been since then.
  3. In point of fact, for the very first year it was broadcast, it was only available in the Dublin metropolitan region.
  4. Following that preliminary conversation in August, there were only three months left until they might potentially launch their yuletide vision, and the window of opportunity to qualify for a broadcasting license was much smaller.

To put it another way, the pressure was really high. There were also the not-so-small practicalities of sorting out studio space, outfitting, equipment, employees, finance, and all of the other demands that come with beginning a radio station. These were all challenges that needed to be overcome.

Oh, and did we also mention that it was 2008 and the nation was in the throes of an economic recession? Christmas FM went live on November 28 from the Clyde Court Hotel in Ballsbridge on 89.9FM in Dublin, despite the many, many, MANY problems, not to mention the restricted timeline. And can you guess who was there at the press conference? Not anyone else but Shakin’ Stevens, the man himself! I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Shakin’ Stevens The organizers were overjoyed to learn that Top Gifts would be covering the costs of the station. To be fair to Top Gifts, they did take a risk by investing in an organization that was absolutely unfamiliar to them. On-air and behind-the-scenes employees were recruited from throughout the DJ and radio business to ensure that the station’s first charity partner, Childline, had the support it deserved (ISPCC).

  • By the time the initial license run was through, Christmas FM listeners had donated a total of 35,000 euros through the textline, bringing the total amount raised to 35,000.
  • On December 26 of that year, the tired crew finally said their goodbyes, and they did so with a feeling that was equal parts relief and sadness.
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They had no idea that this would be the first step on a path that would eventually lead the station to where it is now and raise millions of dollars for charity organizations. This journey has led the station to where it is today. Garvan Rigby and Keith Shanley, the company’s co-founders Simply click this link to get an accurate accounting of how much money was donated to various causes on an annual basis over the entirety of the station’s operation.

THE MUSIC If you’ve ever been curious about the process that goes into selecting songs for Christmas FM’s playlist, your curiosity is now satisfied. In the beginning, there was a very regimented approach both to the format of the station and the music that was played on it. The presenters were aware that listeners would be anticipating the conventional favorites, even though there is a big repertoire of Christmas music available (The Christmas Song alone has over 600 variations, for screaming out loud!).

Of course, there is a great collection of Christmas music accessible. Nevertheless, in order to prevent listener fatigue, these could not be replayed indefinitely, regardless of the number of times they were requested. As a result, songs that were less popular with the general public were added to the playlist in order to give the station an edge over any competitors who were restricted to only playing a certain number of hits over and over again.

  • For more than 25 years, Mariah has been the undisputed queen of the Christmas music songlist.
  • Having said that, the essential list has, for the most part, stayed same despite the fact that more and more songs have been added to it throughout the years.
  • The list of the most-loved Christmas songs is consistently dominated by classics such as “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” “Fairytale of New York,” and “Last Christmas,” despite the fact that each year sees a few new numbers emerge to the forefront.

On a completely other issue, Christmas Shoes is a song that continues to be divisive among the station’s listeners (and presenters!). You either adore it or despise it; there is no middle ground with this tune. Have a look, and then tell us what you think about it in the comments.

Some unexpected songs have appeared throughout the years, such as Straight No Chaser’s “The Christmas Can-Can,” which was presented by Christmas FM’s late coworker, Jim Kenny. Other unexpected hits have come from other artists. A number of legendary broadcasters, like Noel McCaul, Hugh Browne, and Bob Gallico, have graced our airwaves before passing on to the great broadcasting studio in the sky.

We count ourselves extremely fortunate for this. However, it is important to note that the everlasting passion that listeners of all ages have for crooners such as Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Nat King Cole is what ultimately led the team to develop the digital station known as “Christmas FM Classics.” In a similar manner, “Christmas FM Classical” was granted its own online home after the station received requests for traditional Christmas carols and classical arrangements of popular holiday songs.

  • Have a listen.
  • Believe us when we say that this will be the calmest you’ll feel all month long! DETAILS FROM BEHIND THE SCENES Aside from the music, the excellent presenters, broadcasters, and employees who give up their spare time and volunteer with the station’s core management team and personnel during the station’s busiest period of the year are the thing that makes Christmas FM so unique.
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DJ and reality TV personality Vogue Williams (left) lent her support to our organization’s collaboration with the charitable organization Sightsavers in 2017. Many are now working as professional broadcasters on national, local, or community radio programmes, or they have done so in the past.

  • On the other hand, something that you might not be aware of is that for every volunteer voice that is broadcast, there are probably three times as many volunteers working behind the scenes.
  • In point of fact, there are currently more than one hundred people on the volunteer rota, all of whom contribute to various aspects of the organization, including research, production, news, traffic, marketing, and social media.

Without their unwavering commitment, Christmas FM could not possibly take place. Did you know that during the “slow” period of the year, the station offers radio production and media training classes to any member of the public who wants to take advantage of the opportunity? The primary goal of these training programs is to scout out prospective employees for the Christmas FM family of stations.

  • The program has met with a great deal of success, as a number of its former students have gone on to become presenters on Christmas FM’s digital channels before moving on to work at the flagship station.
  • Behind the scenes, other people have participated by conducting interviews, providing audio inserts, and editing content.

Click this link for further information if you are interested in learning more about how the station operates and believe that you have what it takes to be a presenter on Christmas FM. WHERE WE ARE NOW Since its rudimentary and hurried beginnings in 2008, Christmas FM has gone from strength to strength, firmly establishing itself in the hearts and minds of people in Ireland, both at home and abroad.

Thanks be to God, the overwhelming combination of positivity, generosity, and joy produced by the station meant that the original intention of a one-off Dublin-serving Christmas station would never be enough for eager listeners who quickly spread the love for Christmas FM around the country. Christmas FM is now broadcasting throughout the country.

Imelda May, a singer, joined the team in 2015 with the goal of increasing financial support for the organization Make A Wish Today. In addition to its traditional FM service, the station has put a significant amount of effort into developing its digital footprint, which now includes a number of online stations, a website, apps, and social media.

  • It has been visited by many famous Irish people, including Nathan Carter, Deirdre O’Kane, Imelda May, Brian O’Driscoll, Jedward, Dustin the Turkey, Frank Kelly (also known as Fr.
  • Jack), and a great many more! With twelve transmitter locations spread around Ireland and a permanent home at the Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin, the small station that reminds us all of the true meaning of Christmas has a lot of potential to grow.

Christmas FM is, in every sense of the phrase, “Ireland’s Christmas Station.”

Who runs Christmas FM?

Staff – During the licensing time, the station is staffed by around one hundred volunteers who provide a service that is available around the clock. Since 2008, Bob Gallico has been the owner of the Voice Over that has been included in a number of Christmas FM’s charitable fundraising drives (1930–2013).

Paul Shepard, Walter Hegarty, Garvan Rigby, and Daragh O’Sullivan were the pioneers behind the establishment of the station. Garvan Rigby was the one who came up with the idea. Everyone involved had prior experience in pirate radio as well as in temporary licensed stations, with the first two having been among the principals of the temporary licensed Premier FM station.

Jim Kenny, who has since passed away, was the original manager of the station. Chris Maher, who is well knowledgeable in soul music, formerly worked at the station as the manager. Dan McDermott, who also hosts shows on Christmas FM from time to time but is more recognized for his work as a host on the alternative-focused internet radio station 8Radio.com, is the person in charge of the station at the moment.

What channel are Christmas songs on SiriusXM?

We all require the top Christmas songs in order to get into the holiday spirit, regardless of whether we are singing “Joy to the World” by Andy Williams or “Little Saint Nick” by The Beach Boys while we dance around the Christmas tree. You cast your votes, and now it’s time to listen to the results of your votes tallied down on Holiday Traditions (Channel 71) during the 25 Greatest Christmas Songs special.

Is Kezk playing Christmas music?

Christmas music may now be heard playing on station 102.5 KEZK.

Why is the radio playing Christmas music in July?

What Radio Station Plays Christmas Music In Kansas City What Radio Station Plays Christmas Music In Kansas City On a white background is depicted a toy reindeer that may be played with. As early as July, radio stations began playing songs in an effort to increase their ratings and bring some solace to listeners during a year that was blighted by a pandemic. And the audience went wild for it.

  • Mattjeacock/Getty Images display captions hidden or toggled images courtesy of mattjeacock/Getty Images On a white background is depicted a toy reindeer that may be played with.
  • As early as July, radio stations began playing songs in an effort to increase their ratings and bring some solace to listeners during a year that was blighted by a pandemic.
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And the audience went wild for it. mattjeacock/Getty Images When people in Fort Wayne, Indiana tuned in to Majic 95.1 in the month of July, they were surprised to hear something that sounded all too familiar to them at the same time. The radio station was broadcasting festive tunes at the time.

  1. During the height of the summer heat.
  2. The station was seeking for a means to appeal to listeners and raise its ratings despite the fact that the epidemic was making life difficult for people, and Christmas music is a tried-and-true method for accomplishing both of those goals.
  3. We just knew from playing Christmas music over the years that there’s something special about it that people connect with,” says Chris Didier, operations manager at Majic 95.1, whose on-air name is Captain Chris.

“We knew that the world was topsy-turvy and we just knew from playing Christmas music over the years that there’s something special about it that people connect with.” This year, radio stations across the United States started playing Christmas music far earlier than they normally would have.

Immediately following Halloween, one station in Memphis began broadcasting it. In September, one more person in Youngstown, Ohio, was busy decorating their home for the holiday. According to Mike McVay, a veteran of the radio business who now works as a consultant, the pandemic has had a significant impact on the sector.

At initially, ratings dropped by as much as fifty percent, but since then, they have increased to a certain extent. “There was a significant decrease in listening, which may mostly be attributed to listening habits. A significant portion of radio listeners do so while commuting, so the fact that you now have the option to tune in while working from home has the potential to alter your listening habits “he explains.

Officials at the station reasoned that beginning the festivities a little bit earlier than usual may be an effective method to entice listeners to return home. After all, the Christmas music format was pioneered by 99.9 KEZ, an adult contemporary radio station in Phoenix, around the year 1990, and ever since then, the station’s ratings have been consistently strong.

“Before we carried out the plan, each and every consultant and research professional that I could think of advised us, “You are insane.” Do not do it.’ “Jerry Ryan, who had previously held the positions of vice president and general manager at the radio station, says.

But the format ended up being such a huge hit that within a few short years, hundreds of stations were broadcasting continuous Christmas music throughout the entirety of each and every day. As the music business has learned, Christmas music has the ability to generate a strong emotional connection with its audience.

This draws in listeners from all demographics who are interested in hearing classic songs such as “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Blue Christmas” by Elvis Presley. Despite this, there have always been boundaries to the extent that radio stations were willing to go in their programming.

  • EZ, a radio station in Phoenix, has a long-standing practice of beginning to play Christmas music immediately following Thanksgiving.
  • According to Ryan, playing Christmas music much sooner than that can be disorienting for a listener.
  • According to Ryan, “I do not believe there is a heck of a lot of emotional value to Christmas music outside of that specific season.” Not at all, at least not this year.

In this extraordinary year that has been distinguished by the pandemic, several stations have reported that the early start to broadcasting Christmas carols has actually been a hit with listeners. [Citation needed] Take for instance the radio station Majic 95.1.

We received an overwhelming amount of comments. Numerous phone calls and letters from individuals expressing their gratitude for your efforts and expressing how much they like the Christmas music “According to Captain Chris of Majic 95.1, the choice to play holiday music in July was made by the radio station.

Emily Boldon, vice president of adult contemporary radio at Cumulus Media, which has about two dozen stations adopting the holiday format, adds that she has experienced a similar response. Cumulus Media also has several stations that play Christmas music.