What Type Of Music Is Deftones?

What Type Of Music Is Deftones
Alternative metal art rock

Genres Alternative metal art rock experimental rock shoegaze post-hardcore nu metal (early)
Years active 1988–present
Labels Maverick Warner Reprise
Members Stephen Carpenter Abe Cunningham Chino Moreno Frank Delgado

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Are the Deftones emo?

Chino Moreno, the vocalist for the Deftones, has stated that he is on par with the vocal abilities of two members of emo bands. The frontman for the alternative metal band said that his son is a fan of many modern rock bands that favor the theatrical heavy ’emo’ rock sound, but he doesn’t understand why those bands require two singers – one to sing melodically, and the other to do the screaming.

  • He said that his son listens to a lot of modern rock bands that champion the sound.
  • He expressed his frustration by stating, “It’s gotten tough for me, the borders have blurred, I don’t know what emo is, it’s hard to understand.” When my son was showing me these bands the other day, I made the observation to him that many of them have two singers: one person who is the one who is screaming his head off or doing the “Cookie Monster” growling vocals or whatever, and then they’ve got the guy who sings the nice stuff.

My kid and I were talking, and I told him, “You know, it’s nice that you enjoy all these bands and everything, but, you know, your dad can do both of these professions in one!” Chi Cheng, the bassist for Deftones, was seriously injured in a vehicle accident in 2008, and he has been in a coma ever since.

This was a devastating blow for the band. The Californian band discarded all of the songs that they had been collaborating on with Chi and began writing new material from scratch with their new point of view. According to Chino, the album that resulted, titled “Diamond Eyes,” contains a personal track titled “Risk” that is about Chi’s predicament.

He was quoted as saying to the website yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk, “The song ‘Risk’ is the one that stands out a little bit for me.” “With that track I actually allowed myself to just go straight for it, so it’s probably just one of the most honest songs on the record.

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Is Deftones goth or emo?

Some bands are given the label ‘goth’ simply because they wear a lot of black, but Deftones are gothic in every sense of the word; they almost recreate Faust every time there’s an awkward quiet on the other end of the phone (‘When Girls Telephone Boys’).

What genre is Deftones on Spotify?

What genre is Deftones? – But again, what the heck do Deftones even stand for? Oh, putting words to it is not easy. Additionally, this is one of the reasons why the band is so intriguing. Some genres Deftones have been described as are: Alternative metal Alternative rock DjentNu-metal Post metal Post rock Shoegaze At the very least, if you’re talking about a specific song, each and every one of them is accurate.

What genre is Deftones really?

When discussing Deftones, the term “nu metal” is almost usually used. But if you take a look at the list of bands that are called nu metal, you’ll notice that it includes Slipknot and Linkin Park. All extremely distinct bands, each of which plays a unique kind of music.

  • When people ask me what genre of music Deftones plays, I tell them that it’s called nu metal on the internet, but I like to refer to it as psychedelic metal instead.
  • It’s not that I can think of anything else to compare it to, but that seems to be the explanation that makes the most sense to me.
  • Even though I despise placing a label on something, I’m going to do it anyway so that I’ll have an answer ready for when people ask me what kind of music Deftones plays.
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In what musical category would you place Deftones? Speaking to individuals who have never heard them before is challenging due to the fact that they are so distinctive in and of themselves. EDIT: I did a short search on psychedelic metal on Google, and there isn’t much of it.

What are the best Deftones bands to listen to?

This is the choice for you if some of your favorite Deftones songs have shoegaze and alternative elements together. There are members of groove metallers A Life Once Lost, rapcore-ish hardcore punks Fury Of Five, and the iconic screamo band Neil Perry in this band, which has the most representative line-up of any band on this list.

Is Deftones the Radiohead of metal?

The legacy of the band has been compared to that of the alternative music group Radiohead, and some people have referred to Deftones as “the Radiohead of metal.” Faith No More, Afrika Bambaataa, the Cure, Depeche Mode, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD), the Human League, Meshuggah, Duran Duran, and Thompson Twins are some of the bands that have been cited as inspirations on Deftones.

Do you consider Deftones to be alternative metal?

The Deftones are a band with a sound that is consistently developing and shifting across all of their albums, yet they still have that Deftones identity. They are always trying new things. Although each album may include a unique topic or tone, the artist’s signature sound will always shine through. They might be described using the phrase “alternative metal,” which is something I’ve heard before.