When Does 96.1 Play Christmas Music?

When Does 96.1 Play Christmas Music
The following press release was sent by MIX96: Davenport, IA – This year, as in previous years, 96.1 MIX 96 is the official CHRISTMAS Station for the Quad Cities. At the stroke of midnight on Wednesday, November 4th, we switch to playing nothing but holiday music.

  1. As soon as the election season is done, MIX 96 will begin its celebration of the start of the holiday season by playing Christmas music nonstop right up until Christmas Day.
  2. ALL of the programming on MIX 96 will be themed around Christmas, including ‘Jazz Patio’ on Sunday mornings from 8 to 11 a.m.
  3. And ‘Smooth Jazz Sunday Night’ every Sunday evening from 6 to 9 p.m.

over the holiday season.96.1 FM iHeartMedia owns six different radio stations serving the Quad City region, including MIX 96. The local iHeartMedia cluster also includes the radio stations 103.7 FM WLLR, 101.3 FM KISS, 106.5 FM KCQQ, ALT 104.5 FM, and AM 1230 and AM 1420 WOC.

What station is Christmas carols?

SiriusXM’s radio stations dedicated to Christmas music – If you have a subscription to SiriusXM radio, or perhaps you received a car as an early Christmas gift with a free trial, here are several stations that you should check out: Holly (channel 105) Christmas music from the present day.

  • Holiday Customs and Practices (channel 71) recordings of traditional Christmas music made between the years 1940 and 1960.
  • Hallmark Channel Radio (channel 104) Traditional Christmas songs and carols performed by well-known actors and actresses from Hallmark Channel.
  • Holiday Soul (channel 49) Traditional soul and Motown Christmas music from the 1960s and 1970s, along with R&B holiday music from the 1980s, 1990s, and current day.

Christmas in the country (channel 58) A compilation of country Christmas songs spanning many eras. The Spirit of Christmas (channel 63) Only songs by modern Christian singers that are suitable for the holiday season. Pops for the Holidays (channel 76) Favorite pieces from the classical repertoire performed by some of the most accomplished musicians to ever work in the classical genre.

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Acoustic music for Christmas (channel 6) Only acoustic versions of holiday songs are being played. The Land of the New Year (channel 105) The music on New Year’s Nation has been carefully selected to make it the best possible New Year’s celebration playlist. Which are the best Christmas movies available on Netflix? Your guide to watching over 90 Christmas movies streaming online.

Christmas movies for children: a guide to streaming more than one hundred family-friendly holiday flicks

What FM station plays Christmas music in Sacramento?

The countdown to Christmas has begun on MIX 96, the official Christmas music station for the city of Sacramento and the state of California! Listen in REAL-TIME to hear all of your favorite seasonal music!

What radio station plays Christmas music in Jacksonville Florida?

External connections – The official webpage for WEJZ In the FCC’s database of FM stations, WEJZ may be found. Radio-Locator readings for WEJZ The entry for WEJZ in the database of FM stations maintained by Nielsen Audio Coordinal points are 30°19′23′′ North and 81°38′35′′ West, or 30.323° North and 81.643° West.

Does Mix 96 play Christmas music?

Mix 96 has revealed that it will begin broadcasting exclusively Christmas music beginning on Monday, November 6th, despite the fact that Christmas is still quite a few weeks away. Mix 96 has extended an invitation to TV6 to take part in the ceremony, and at 6:15 in the morning, Emma Hogg from KWQC will “officially flick the switch” to start playing Christmas music on the radio.

  1. Others choose to wait until after Thanksgiving or until it’s getting closer to Christmas Day to start celebrating the holiday season, while others start celebrating right after Halloween.
  2. You are welcome to participate in the poll that is located on our Facebook page in order to get your voice heard.

On Monday morning, during the broadcast of Quad Cities Today, TV6 will read the results throughout the program. This year, the radio station is maintaining a tally of the number of times that “Jingle Bell Rock” will be played over the course of the following thirty days.

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What is the oldies station in Jacksonville Florida?

In Jacksonville, WJGL-FM 96.9-The Eagle is the radio station that I listen to the most frequently. Hits from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s are played there.

When can you listen to Christmas songs?

In today’s world, shops start playing Christmas music before you can even finish saying the words “Black Friday.” Since July, Santa’s elves (and you already know that they are everywhere) have been keeping a close ear out for the sound of jingle bells.

  • Ids are, of course, keeping track of the seconds.
  • There is a possibility that Grinches would object, stating that they would much rather have a silent night than small drummer lads a minute before December 24.
  • But given that there are millions of Christmas-themed playlists available to stream throughout the holiday season, we decided to try to find a solution to the age-old topic of when it is OK to start listening to Christmas music.

The response to this question is never, however the specifics depend on where you reside. In our opinion, a nation is considered to have started the jingle bell shaking whenever festive tunes make up more over 2 percent of all listening in the region.

This is the benchmark that we use. In general, the majority of nations don’t start playing Christmas music until the latter half of November at the earliest. However, as you can see from the following interactive graphic, this is not the case for everyone: According to data collected during the 2017 holiday season about streaming, the initial peak in listening activity occurs around November 1 across most nations, with the exception of the Philippines.

The Christmas season is taken very seriously in the Philippines, which is why it begins many months earlier than in any other country. The Filipinos begin rearranging the songs on their Christmas playlists as early as September in order to extend the festive season for as long as possible.

And while they can’t get enough of the top holiday hits from around the world, they also love to stream local veteran singer Jose Mari Chan, whose song “Christmas In Our Hearts” is a favorite in the region. And while they can’t get enough of the top holiday hits from around the world, they also love to stream local singer Jose Mari Chan.

There are some people who are not in such a hurry. Some nations, such as Argentina and Uruguay, don’t begin broadcasting their Christmas music until Christmas Day itself. The United States and Canada don’t begin their Christmas celebrations until the 13th of November, but once they do, “All I Want for Christmas is You” is played on repeat until Santa’s reindeer come home.

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However, nobody gets into the Christmas spirit quite like Liechtenstein does: Even though it got off to a sluggish start, in the few days leading up to December 25th, approximately 70 percent of all listening is purely Christmas music. This is three times the global average for listening to Christmas music.

However, regardless of when people start getting into the holiday spirit, listeners all over the world have created over 21 million Christmas-themed playlists on Spotify. These playlists include tried-and-true Christmas classics performed by artists such as Frank Sinatra and Brenda Lee as well as contemporary jingle ball jams performed by Ariana Grande, Michael Bublé, and Justin Bieber.

Also, be sure to check out our Christmas Classics, Christmas Pop, and Christmas Jazz playlists. (Or, if Hanukkah is more your thing, we’ve got you covered there as well.) In the next fifty days, you should be ready to crank up the volume on your favorite Christmas songs, regardless of whether your gift-giver is Saint Nicholas, the Christkind of Germany, or the Nios Dios of Costa Rica.

(However, who’s keeping track?)

When should I listen to Christmas music?

Bryson Kimura, a student at Brigham Young University, said that the time before Thanksgiving, after Thanksgiving, and up until Christmas is the ideal time to listen to Christmas music.