When Does 99.1 Start Christmas Music 2021?

When Does 99.1 Start Christmas Music 2021
Are you prepared for the Christmas season? iHeartRadio and SUNNY 99.1 are also available. Today, beginning at 5 o’clock, SUNNY will continue the long-standing tradition it has established as Houston’s Christmas Music Station by playing non-stop holiday music.

Traditional music by artists such as Bing Crosby, Jose Feliciano, and Andy Williams will be played with modern songs by artists such as Mariah Carey, Michael Buble, Ariana Grande, and Carrie Underwood. Listeners may anticipate hearing a wide variety of tunes. Additionally, at six o’clock on November 24th, the station will broadcast the iHeartRadio Holiday Special.

Kelly Clarkson, Train, Pentatonix, and other artists will be among those playing some of the most well-known holiday standards on this show, which will be hosted by Mario Lopez. Additionally, the program may be watched on the iHeartRadio pages on both YouTube and Facebook.

What radio station plays Christmas music in VA?

The only station in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia that plays Christmas music nonstop is Q99.

What day can you start listening to Christmas music?

Bryson Kimura, a student at Brigham Young University, said that the time before Thanksgiving, after Thanksgiving, and up until Christmas is the ideal time to listen to Christmas music. A student at BYU named Azucena Gutierrez expressed her opinion on the matter by saying, “For me, I believe, like, Christmas music should actually start maybe by the end of October, like maybe the final week.”

What radio station plays Christmas music in Richmond VA?

The evening before Halloween, Easy 100.9 will begin broadcasting in jingle-bell mode. – The name Jason Roop The 31st of October, 2014 With the introduction of a holiday-music format at 6 o’clock yesterday night, Easy 100.9 is getting into the Christmas mood a little early this year. Update Nov.3: Easy 100.9 has posted on its Facebook page a response to listeners’ questions and comments, which reads as follows: Do not be under the impression that we have not read or considered your comments on our Christmas programs.

  • We are grateful for each and every one of your remarks.
  • Due to everything that has been going on in the world, we just thought that this year we needed a little bit of Christmas to come a little bit early.
  • It’s possible that some of you feel like this announcement came a bit too soon.
  • We realize that.
  • However, if the holiday spirit strikes you or you feel the need for some Christmas cheer, we will be here for you right up until Christmas Day.
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In addition, Lite 98 provides an update on their schedule for playing Christmas music. The following is what Dave Carwile, vice president of iHeartMedia and regional market manager, shared with Style: For a good number of years now, Lite 98 has served as Richmond’s Official Holiday Music Station, and this year is not an exception.

Every year, we poll our audience to find out which holiday songs they want to hear and when they want us to start playing them. The majority of Lite 98 listeners cast their votes this year to have us begin playing Christmas music earlier in the holiday season. This is because the majority of Richmond families celebrate Christmas earlier in the season than Thanksgiving does.

In past years, during the week or two leading up to Thanksgiving, the local radio stations Lite 98 and Big Oldies 107.3 shifted to playing holiday music as their programming format. But now there is a new station on the scene called Easy 100.9. It is the new morning home of Bill and Shelly, and it has grabbed the jump on Christmas before you could even start lighting your jack-o’-lantern.

Last night, as you were scrambling to decide what you were going to wear for Halloween, Jose Feliciano was in the background singing “Feliz Navidad.” This morning, when John Denver and the Muppets were singing “12 Days of Christmas,” or in this instance, 62 days of Christmas, Bill and Shelly wished their listeners a happy Halloween.

(And 27 days till Thanksgiving.) Yesterday, Summit Media, the company that owns WHTI-FM, did not have any comment on the all-holiday programming. There is currently no information available on when Lite 98 will begin playing Christmas music. As for Big Oldies 107.3, the station recently rebranded itself as 107.3 Richmond’s Greatest Hits by merging forces with the defunct “We Play Anything” station from Liberty to establish the new station.

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What radio station is playing Christmas music in Hampton Roads?

Get in Touch to Promote Your Business on MOViN 107.7 Get the free iHeartRadio app and search for a podcast to listen to. MOViN 107.7’s Christmas Station is Now Playing in Hampton Roads Sitemap Contest Rules Privacy Policy Please do not sell any of my private information. IHeartMedia, Inc. has a time stamp of 2022.