When Does Christmas Music Start 106.7?

When Does Christmas Music Start 106.7
Beginning tomorrow, November 13th at 5:00 p.m., IHeartMedia New York’s 106.7 LITE FM will begin its yearly switch to playing holiday music and will begin airing nonstop merry music for listeners in the New York tristate region. This will be the first year that the station will do this.

What NY radio station is playing Christmas music?

Photograph taken by KoolShooters and published on Pexels.com. WLTW 106.7 Lite FM has recently moved to its annual all-Christmas music programming, just in time to help you get into the spirit of the holiday season. The transition was accomplished on Friday, November 19 at 5 p.m., and the station began playing Christmas classics from both the past and the present at that time.

Since 2002, WLTW has devoted its holiday programming to exclusively playing Christmas music. After the terrorist events on September 11, 2001, a number of radio stations around the country began utilizing the format in the months of November and December. There will be holiday music playing all the way up to Christmas Day.

You may tune in to Lite FM in the New York metropolitan region by tuning your radio to 106.7 FM, listening online at litefm.iheart.com, or listening via the iHeartRadio app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, in addition to a number of other platforms.

What station plays Christmas music Houston?

Are you prepared for the Christmas season? iHeartRadio and SUNNY 99.1 are also available. Today, beginning at 5 o’clock, SUNNY will continue the long-standing tradition it has established as Houston’s Christmas Music Station by playing non-stop holiday music.

  1. Traditional music by artists such as Bing Crosby, Jose Feliciano, and Andy Williams will be played with modern songs by artists such as Mariah Carey, Michael Buble, Ariana Grande, and Carrie Underwood.
  2. Listeners may anticipate hearing a wide variety of tunes.
  3. Additionally, at six o’clock on November 24th, the station will broadcast the iHeartRadio Holiday Special.
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Kelly Clarkson, Train, Pentatonix, and other artists will be among those playing some of the most well-known holiday standards on this show, which will be hosted by Mario Lopez. Additionally, the program may be watched on the iHeartRadio pages on both YouTube and Facebook.

What radio station is playing Christmas music Albany NY?

Fans may tune in to 98.3 TRY’s “The Greatest Hits of Christmas” on 98.3 FM, the station’s website, iHeartRadio.com, and the iHeartRadio app. Fans can also listen to the show on iHeartRadio.com. Nexstar Media, Inc. retains all rights reserved.