When Is Kost Playing Christmas Music?

When Is Kost Playing Christmas Music
The answer to the topic that we were all asking, “When Does Christmas Music Begin Playing On KOST 103.5?” has now been revealed. This morning, Ellen K made a significant statement, saying that KOST 103.5 will begin playing Christmas music on Thursday, November 5th, 2020 at 8:00am (PT).

Why is Christmas music in November?

Even though Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet, a lot of radio stations throughout the country have already started playing Christmas music. Even though we all like listening to music that gives us the impression that the holiday season has arrived, many of us are surely curious as to why radio stations begin playing Christmas music so far in advance.

  1. The reason is rather straightforward: it’s because playing Christmas music results in higher ratings for radio stations.
  2. It was made worse by COVID-19, which resulted in huge ratings drops for several radio stations due to the fact that fewer people were listening to the radio since they were staying indoors.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the commercialization of Christmas and other holidays that occur around this time is continuing unabated, since it appears that the Christmas decorations and music are being played earlier and earlier each year.

There have even been reports of radio stations playing Christmas music as early as the end of September. Even though there is nothing fundamentally wrong with radio stations beginning to play Christmas music as early as the beginning of November, it does continue a larger trend of commercializing the holiday, which is a pattern that has been going on for more than two centuries.

It’s possible that this is the reason why Christmas is so widely celebrated, at least in its contemporary version. Initially, business owners in the 19th century and earlier did not take a fond liking to holidays since they typically involved extensive drinking, which resulted in employees not doing their duties.

  • Christmas was just like every other day.
  • However, companies quickly realized that the holidays were a significant opportunity for financial gain, which led to them decorating their storefronts in an effort to attract customers.
  • A number of other alterations were made to the symbolism of Christmas, such as the elimination of the critical expression that was traditionally associated with Santa Claus (he was previously portrayed as punishing naughty children by whipping them with switches).
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The commercialization of Santa Claus and his transformation into a cheery gift-giver to children was profitable for businesses because it allowed them to coerce parents into buying toys and other products. Parents don’t want to convey the appearance that they are horrible to their children, and they also don’t want to be thought of as bad parents themselves.

  • Because of all of these developments, Christmas became increasingly secular, which opened the door for non-Christians to take part in the celebration of the holiday and made it more likely that they would spend money on gifts.
  • It also contributed to the expansion of Christmas’s popularity in the United States.

Before the middle of the 19th century, the festival was not extensively honored across the country, and in fact, during the 17th and 18th centuries, it was outlawed by the Puritans. There comes a time when we worry too much about the commercial aspects of Christmas, despite the fact that the holiday grew because of those aspects and gift-giving is a gesture that shows you care for the people around you and that we all enjoy getting free stuff.

  • This is the case even though gift-giving is a sign that you care about the people around you.
  • Everyone is so concerned with what gifts to purchase or what we’ll receive from others that we’ve forgotten the most important thing, which is to just spend quality time with the people we care about the most.

Or, if you are a Christian, the religious significance of the occasion that you are celebrating. This is also mirrored in the holiday of Thanksgiving, which is a celebration of being grateful for what one has and expressing thanks for the things that one has.

However, the next day, the day following Thanksgiving, many people utilize it as a means to get their hands on some cheap consumer items during Black Friday deals, which has even led in deaths among consumers. Despite the fact that we may have good intentions when it comes to gift-giving, our materialistic side has a strong effect on our perceptions of the holiday season.

This is shown by the contradiction that exists between what Thanksgiving and Christmas are supposed to represent and how we actually celebrate these holidays. Even while it’s tough to separate Christmas from spending money on gifts, we need to remind ourselves that material possessions aren’t everything, and they certainly shouldn’t be your primary focus throughout the holiday season.

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How can I play Christmas music on my phone?

Fire to keep warm, check. Nice joy and good company, both checked off the list. Now all you need is some decent Christmas music, which you can download into your smartphone or tablet in an almost endless quantity. And there will be no additional financial burden for you.

The majority of the following services are accessible on the majority of mobile operating systems, with the notable exception being iTunes Radio, which can only be used on Apple iOS-based smartphones. iTunes Radio Surprisingly, Apple’s brand-new streaming service only features a single holiday-oriented Featured Station at the time, and that station is the excellent Rockin’ Holiday.

And if you search for “holidays,” you will only receive a strange assortment of results, one of which is the comedian Jim Gaffigan for some reason. However, if you search for “Christmas,” you will find a radio station called Christmas Music Radio. This station features a pleasant assortment of traditional Christmas songs.

Pandora Creating a new station on Pandora that plays Christmas music or other holiday music is really simple, as any user of the service already knows. Having said that, at the beginning of the procedure, you also have the option to tap Browse Genre Stations, then scroll down until you reach Holiday.

There, you will discover a large number of stations that are all set up and ready to go, including one specifically for those of us who celebrate Hanukkah. One of the many holiday-themed stations offered by Pandora is dedicated to Hanukkah. Screenshot taken by Rick Broida and published on CNET Slacker Although it has been around for almost as long as Pandora, Slacker is not as well-known as Pandora when it comes to providing users with access to free streaming music.

  • You now have the opportunity to find out what makes it so special: If you go through the Stations directory, you’ll find that there are about a dozen radio stations that play only Christmas music.
  • These may be broken down into three categories: New Holiday Hits, Jazz Christmas, and Yuletide Classics.
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Songza Songza is an app that is designed to play music based on various activities and emotions. The app features a large number of holiday-themed radio stations, beginning with six basic categories such as “A Christmas Concert Spectacular,” “Too Cool for Yule,” “Cozy Christmas Hits,” and so on.

  1. It’s possible that this is the only app that can help you locate the specific sort of seasonal music that you wish to listen to.
  2. TuneIn Radio A number of Internet radio stations with a Christmas focus can be accessed using the popular app for Internet radio.
  3. Simply select the Browse tab, then scroll down until you reach the Christmas section.

You’ll notice anything from 10 to 20 stations; one option, Christmas 365 – Santa’s Radio, is particularly recommended. Check out Ed Rhee’s compilation of internet Christmas music selections if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet but you still want a generous serving of free holiday music.

When can you play Christmas carols?

When is it OK to begin listening to music about Christmas? – You may listen to Christmas music all year round if that’s your thing, but if even Mariah Carey, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Christmas,” won’t play “All I Want for Christmas” until after Thanksgiving, you could definitely wait a little while longer as well.

  1. In order to stay on track with Mariah’s schedule, you will need to hold off until until the 29th of November this year.
  2. A Clinical Psychologist named Linda Blair told Sky News in 2017 that listening to Christmas music excessively might prevent you from focusing on anything else.
  3. This finding suggests that delaying the playing of Christmas music may even be beneficial for your level of productivity.

She made the following statement: “People who are working in the stores during the holiday season have to listen to Christmas music because if they don’t, it really does stop you from being able to focus on anything else.” You are using an inordinate amount of effort in a futile attempt to ignore the information that you are now receiving.