Where Are Amazon Music Downloads Stored Android?

Where Are Amazon Music Downloads Stored Android
Amazon has always been my go-to for downloading music, and afterward, the tracks are able to be played on Samsung Music. After downloading the new nine-track album by Korn, I can only find it on the Amazon Music app, although it does not appear anywhere else.

  • I don’t want to play music through their app; rather, I want to play music using the software that comes with my Samsung device.
  • I just just downloaded two albums from Amazon, and they show up in Samsung Music.
  • However, this music can not be located on my SD card, and the Samsung Music app is unable to play it.

Any thoughts? Thanks! Taken from Amazon forum Our technical staff is hard at work figuring out a solution at this time. As a stopgap measure, they have come up with the following alternative solution. You may transfer newly acquired music from Amazon Music Player to any Android music player of your choosing after first downloading the track to Amazon Music Player. Launch the Amazon Music app on your device. Choose the Library option. Choose among the Playlists. To view the songs that you already own, choose the Purchased playlist from the drop-down menu. Select Download from the context menu that appears when you tap the button next to the music.

On your Android smartphone, the music that you download is automatically placed in a folder labeled “Amazon Music.” You may locate this folder in the Android file system at /Android/data/com.amazon.mp3/files/Music/Purchased. Make advantage of a file browser such as Android File Transfer in order to copy music to a different folder or device.

You may get it through the Google Play Store and download it there. You will need to copy the files to their new place when you have navigated to the filepath. I am interested in finding the same answers. Unfortunately, the option to store to an SD card is no longer available to me, and I do not wish for the Amazon app to be able to play any of my music. However, the albums do not appear when I use the Samsung music app, which is my preferred method.

This is also on both my mobile phone and my tablet. I am experiencing the same issue. What came to pass? I have no idea if this is a problem with Samsung or Amazon Music, but it is driving me absolutely bananas. Since I purchased this music from Amazon, it is my expectation that I will be able to keep it and play it whenever and wherever I choose.

where does amazon music download to android

I’ll second that. Yesterday, I made a purchase on Amazon, and against my expectations, the accompanying music did not immediately download to the Samsung music app on my phone. I have been seeking for solutions in every possible place. Glad to realize I’m not alone.

  • Bookmarking hoping for any solution.
  • Help! Has anybody have any success in solving this problem so far? The only bit of good fortune I’ve had is being able to download an app from Amazon Music on my laptop.
  • You may save the music on the laptop by downloading it from the app.
  • Connect my phone to the computer, and after a LOT of failed efforts at finding the folder where the Amazon Music is kept, I’ll try to get it copied over to my SD card.
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This is a HUGE pain in the bleep in the rear end. Since I first posted this post, I’ve been hard at work addressing this issue. I purchased the CD “The Essential Judas Priest,” however despite the fact that my settings indicate that it should download directly to my SD card, it did not do so.

  • On my phone, I can’t seem to find the music that I’ve downloaded anywhere.
  • The only method to accomplish it that I could find was to follow the steps above.
  • Best of luck to you, it’s a really frustrating situation.
  • If I have to go through ALL of this trouble to get the music onto my phone, I’m not going to purchase individual tracks or albums from Amazon anymore because of the hassle it causes me.

As a result, Amazon is going to lose a lot of money. I’ve decided not to buy any more music from Amazon either, at least not until this issue is fixed. Even though I was able to save the music on my computer — a Microsoft Surface running the Groove music software — I have not yet transferred the file(s) to my phone since I have not gone through the necessary procedures.

It would appear that someone else has raised the identical issue in a help forum for Amazon here: https://www.amazonforum.com/s/question/0D56Q00008bZHodSAG/purchased-mp3-songs-not-downloading While this is going on, it’s possible that someone from Samsung may come across this post on their own forum and comment to it.

I solved the problem by going into the settings of my internal storage and selecting the option to “display hidden files.” After that, I looked for my music in the com.amazon.mp3 folder and then transferred the files into the music folder of my internal storage.

I recently gave it a shot, and unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. It would appear that my Amazon mp3s are not downloading into my Samsung Galaxy S10e phone at all, as I am unable to locate the songs anywhere in the internal storage of my phone. It seems as though the files will only “download” into the download directory of the Amazon Music app.

It is important to note that the Amazon support site already contains numerous discussions discussing this topic. A significant amount of effort done around concepts, but no remedies. It is not really apparent to me whether this is a problem with Amazon or with Samsung; it is probably both.

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