Where Words Fail Music Speaks?

Where Words Fail Music Speaks
“Where words fail, music speaks,” as the saying goes. It is interesting to note that the aforementioned proverb, “when words fail, music speaks,” is attributed to a person who is so well-known for his writing. And yet, the words of Hans Christian Andersen ring true for anybody who has ever found themselves engulfed by a truly affecting symphony or an explosive overture.

Who said the quote where words fail music speaks?

10. Hans Christian Andersen. “Where words fail, music speaks,” said Hans Christian Andersen. “Where words fail, music speaks.”

Where words fail music speaks explanation?

Hans Christian Anderson is attributed as having spoken these words. It implies that anybody may offer counsel or consolation with words, but that these words might sometimes fail to reflect the meaning behind the offering. On the other hand, listening to music may have a calming influence in situations like these.

The proverb interests me, but I’d want to hear it interpreted in a different way. In my opinion, music, and especially singing, can convey meaning when words cannot. Effective speaking in public People who have the talent of expression have my utmost admiration. When I go back to when George Yeo served as Minister of Health, I am struck by how captivating his speeches were at meetings.

My father, who was heavily engaged with the Toastmasters Club for decades, attempted to get me to join and study public speaking, but he was ultimately unsuccessful. It felt to me like I was perishing over and over again. Pen Pusher On the other hand, in a previous life I worked as a speechwriter for the Ministry of Health.

  • When it comes to expressing myself, I much rather use my pen than my tongue.
  • It is best to craft one’s words and phrases while having the opportunity to edit and improve upon them.
  • When giving a speech without a script or just speaking off the cuff, there is a significant risk that one’s mind will go blank or that one will experience dreadful moments, also known as senior moments when one is old.
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These moments occur when the appropriate words do not come to mind at the appropriate time. Blogging is hence the next logical step for me to take. Singing is just what I need right now. Just give it your best shot. If I had to pick between speaking and singing, the answer would be obvious to me: I much prefer singing.

  • When I was on an official trip out of the country, the club pianist coaxed me to come up to the stage and perform in front of everyone.
  • The phrase “I could have danced all night” came out of my lips without any reluctance or nervousness on my part; it simply came out easily.
  • When I was a medical student residing in the KKH dormitory, I remember utilizing singing as a stress reliever to help me get through the day.

Because we had to deliver 20 babies to meet our quota as medical students, we were compelled to remain in the student dormitory during our one and only rotation. Because the days were so busy, the majority of these deliveries were completed throughout the night.

After many years of singing in choral groups, singing at casual meetings, and singing at home, singing comes really effortlessly to me. I am going to keep singing for as long as I am able to. One of the many lovely things about singing is that it is an activity that may be pursued even in our older years.

The majority of people who were able to sing when they were younger will likely be able to do so throughout the most of their life even as they get older. The catch is that as we get older, our vocal chords get thicker, therefore we have to sing at a lower pitch as a result.

Check out The Three Degrees, who brought back their hit from the heyday of their career 45 years later with “When will I see you again.” They have shifted to singing in a lower pitch. However, they still have a wonderful singing voice. When Will I See You Again by Three Degrees is available on YouTube courtesy to fecskefi, which has 12.9k followers.

When Will I See You Again is a song by Three Degrees. Watch this space! Copy link and share it. Online Shopping on the Internet Tap to remove the mute. If the playback doesn’t start after a short amount of time, you should try restarting your device.

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Who said music is food for the soul quote?

The Complete Quotation from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night This beautiful statement was written by Shakespeare and used in one of his plays called “Twelfth Night.”

What did Shakespeare say about music?

10. If music is the meal of love, then play on; give me abundance of it so that, through overindulgence, the appetite may become ill and eventually pass away. That tension once again! It had a dying fall, and as it came across my ear, it was like the beautiful sound that breathes over a bank of violets, stealing and giving off their scent.

Why is music so powerful quote?

” Music generates a type of pleasure that human nature is unable to function properly without.” “Music is the language of the spirit,” said composer John Cage. It reveals the hidden meaning of existence, so bringing an end to conflict and bringing about peace. There’s a saying that goes, “Music is the wine that fills the cup of quiet.”