Why Does My Phone Randomly Play Music?

Why Does My Phone Randomly Play Music
Fix No.6: Quit the Music App In addition, if you are experiencing the issue where your iPhone or iPad plays music without your intervention, it is conceivable that the Music program needs to be reconfigured or that it needs to be closed forcibly. Double-tapping the home button will bring up a list of the programs running in the background, which may then be closed forcibly.

Why does my phone play music by itself?

1. Your Phone Believes Headphones Are Plugged In – Headphones and other external playing devices are responsible for some of the most prevalent troubles with errant audio. Alternating between the headphone state and the earbud state on a mobile device might cause the operating system or particular music apps to become confused.

  1. Whether your phone has a physical headphone jack, you should check to determine if it is obstructed by debris or if it is unclean.
  2. If it is, the phone could occasionally assume headphones are connected even when there aren’t any headphones present if you have this setting enabled.
  3. When the phone detects an external audio source, some phone and app setups allow for music to start playing automatically.

This may be done in a variety of ways. If you want to fix this problem, try using a toothpick to remove the lint and debris that is stuck in the jack. Take care not to use anything rough or pointed that might scratch the screen of the phone. If it is very grimy, you might want to try cleaning it with compressed air or a cotton swab dampened with a trace bit of rubbing alcohol.

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What is autoplay in Apple Music?

Why Does My Phone Randomly Play Music Using the Playing Next queue, you are able to examine and adjust the order of the songs that play next. For instance, if you are listening to a playlist, you have the option of selecting an album to play once the track that is presently playing has finished playing.

As soon as the album is done playing, Music will go back to playing the playlist. If you are a member to Apple Music but aren’t sure what song to play next, you may use the Autoplay feature. After a song has been played, Autoplay will add more songs that are similar to it and play them at the end of the queue.

When Autoplay is enabled and a song is currently being played, the symbol for Autoplay will display in the Playing Next queue. Please play some music for me. Tip: If you want to include a song or album from your collection in the Playing Next queue, drag the item from the list of songs to the top center of the Music window until a highlighted border appears.

Why does Android Auto start playing music?

Why Does My Phone Randomly Play Music 3. Make Sure You Check Your Bluetooth Devices Sometimes, when you connect your smartphone to a Bluetooth device, Google Play Music will immediately start playing. If this happens to you, check your Bluetooth devices. This is due to the fact that the Bluetooth device in question transmits a command for autoplay, which Android interprets as a demand for play/pause.

  1. If you have more than one music application installed on your phone, only those programs that include a Media Button Receiver will respond to the Media Button’s commands.
  2. Android only notifies the most recently active program about a media button’s actions when many apps are able to react to the same event.
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If Google Play Music was the most recent music app you used, it will immediately begin playing music for you when you next open it. At initially, customers had a hard time isolating the cause of the issue, and several of them advised emptying the cache for Google Play Music as a remedy.

  • After afterwards, Google included a built-in function that prevented this nuisance from occurring.
  • You can locate the option for allowing external devices to start playback in the Settings section of the app.
  • After you have deactivated the option, Google Play Music will never start automatically when you connect your phone to a Bluetooth device again, such as a Bluetooth car kit or headphones.

This includes any time you connect your phone to a Bluetooth device. You may also navigate to the Settings menu, locate the autoplay option, and turn it off from there. If none of these solutions work, you’ll need to delete the songs from the queue, as well as those that have been recently played, the most played, and the most recently added songs in Google Play Music.